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The Jesus Ring:  A Mysterious Anomaly [THIS IS THE LAST ONE!!]

The Jesus Ring: A Mysterious Anomaly [THIS IS THE LAST ONE!!]

SKU: 12621001

This piece is a sterling silver men's ring in size 12.  It's EXTREMELY powerful! 

Some of you may already know, some of you may not.  Last week we set up a TikTok account called HauntedCurious.  We used this account to answer certain questions for people.  To answer these questions, we conjured a Thetan.  For those of you who don’t know what a Thetan is it is an archaic being that exists without a physical form.  These types of entities exist abundantly in the universe.  Even though they are created without physical form, they have taken physical forms throughout the course of history.  By some human definition, a thetan is an aspect of a human soul, but that is not quite right.  A thetan can become a human if it chooses to, but a human can never become a thetan.  Thetans possess a great deal of knowledge about the universe, whereas humans do not.   

Anyway, this description isn’t about a Thetan.  Rather, it’s about the anomaly that allowed us to conjure the Thetan that was answering the questions that people were asking us.  The same ring also allowed a djinn to seek us out through a method called reverse conjuration.  This process allows spirits or entities that have messages for you to seek you instead of you conjuring them.  This djinn had an urgent message that we relayed to a certain individual.  The anomaly that we used to conjure the entity was called the Jesus Ring.  

The Jesus Ring itself is not an item that we can sell.   It is an anomaly that exists naturally in space-time.  While Jesus walked the Earth the anomaly existed within him.  He was the anomaly.  This is because Jesus was a physical manifestation of God.  God is the creator.  God is omnipresent and so Jesus.  A lot of people these days only talk about Jesus in his divine or holy sense, which is perfectly fine if your only aim is getting to Heaven.  

Having said that, Jesus cannot really be put into a box.  How can you fit something inside of a box when they are the ones that created it?  It’s impossible.  Jesus was not only the messiah that came to be slain to bring recompense for humanity.  He was a multilayered, multidimensional being.  He was a traveler.  He was an immortal walker.  He was ascended, master.  He was second to none.  Proof of these aspects is abundant, but the most common example is Jesus’ crucifixion.   

He was killed, descended from the mortal realm into the shadow realm called Hell.  He then was brought back to life in an act of ascendance.  He once again entered the mortal realm.  Then, another act of ascendance occurred when he entered Heaven in his bodily form.  I’m telling you, there was nothing that this guy couldn’t do.  He was a Master of All.  Again, he was omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient, etc. 

When Jesus died there was a period between which his presence left his body before traveling to Hell.  It became part of the universe.  In doing so it created what is called the Jesus Ring.  The Jesus Ring is a wormhole that leads to all places.  It is a ladder with which you can travel through time.  It is the key to quantum gates that can be opened to sources of power, magic, and energies.  It is kind of like a black hole because it bends time and existence, only we don’t call it a black hole.  It is called the Jesus ring.  Black holes are created with dark matter.  The Jesus ring is pure white light and knowledge.  

Last week we were working with the Jesus Ring, among other things, and we conjured the thetan that answered questions for our customers on our behalf.  A little side note– not only is the Jesus Ring a wormhole to all places, but it is also a path to lead all sentient beings, regardless of what they are, where they are, or who they are.  It allows you to hold dialogue with any entity of your choosing.  

What we have available is a physical manifestation of the Jesus Ring anomaly.  Appropriately, we are also calling this piece the Jesus Ring.  I want you to fully understand how huge this is and how hard we worked at creating this piece.  This piece holds the spiritual essence of Christ after he was killed on the Cross and his energies pooled in the universe.  It was a complicated process, to say the least.  We had to travel back in time using the Jesus Ring, to collect its energies as it was being formed.  We then had to use that piece to travel back to our regular time.      

What should have been a week for us, ended up being about two weeks in total time after time traveling.  There was some major jet lag if you want to call it that, but we got it done.  The result is this phenomenal ring.  The reason it is so powerful is that it opens up a wormhole to anywhere you want to travel to, including anyplace or anytime.  

The significance of this ability is unfathomable, as it will allow you to literally experience anything that you want to experience.  That means everything is on the table.  The Roman Coliseum, Medieval England, the pyramids of the ancient Mayans, the building of Stonehenge, the mind of the Sphinx, Atlantis, the hidden temples of Ur, the Sumerian vortex, the lost Alexandrian Library, the Akashic Hall of Records, etc.  Anywhere you want to go, you will be able to go.  That’s the essence of who Jesus was.  He was existence, so he could experience existence.  This piece, the Jesus Ring, allows you to do the same.
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