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The Jumpers

The Jumpers

SKU: 8132103

This piece is a Sterling silver pendant.  You supply the chain. 

This is a bit of a unique piece and I’m not entirely sure, but I don’t ever remember offering a piece that is quite like this one before.  If we ever did, magic like this is so rare that I don’t even remember the last time we would have offered it.  I can assure you that the magic in this piece will be once-in-a-lifetime for whoever ends up with it.  

This piece has come to us from a group of magicians that calls themselves the Jumpers.  Just to be clear, I’m talking about actual magical practitioners, not sleight of hand illusionists in black top hats.  This isn’t Frosty the Snowman.  We are talking about powerful magicians here.  

Anyway, they say that they acquired the magic from the ruins of a place called Harran’s Temple.  Harran is evidently some kind of ancient magical likeness that we’ve never heard of-- kind of like Aiwass.  He’s mostly invisible but can manifest himself if he chooses to.  He had a temple that was abandoned in ancient times but remained as a ruin.  

Harran had created a special kind of magic that allowed him to “Jump” into depictions and works of art.  He could leave his body in the physical form and transport his astral form into it, rebuilding the moment in time that the depiction or work of art was meant to showcase.  It didn’t matter if the depiction was visually accurate or not.

I know I”m going to have this question, so I will just address it now. No, it doesn’t matter what the depiction looks like.  He was working with limited talent those days.  It could have been some squiggles on the wall of a cave.  If that was meant to depict the afterlife, the Harran was able to travel to the afterlife.  

The Jumpers were able to acquire this ancient magic from the Temple of Harran, which was evidently somewhere in the lands that ancient Sumeria used to occupy.  The Jumpers' coalition of magic dates back to at least the 1400s, so it's been a while that Harran’s magic has been reprised, so the Jumpers have mastered it well.  

These days we have much more advanced technology available and there are much more sophisticated pictures around, so the Jumpers truly have an unlimited possibility when using their magic.  Just think about it-- if they want to acquire the ability to drink from the Holy Grail they could use a picture of the Last Supper.  If they wanted to travel back to the times of ancient Greece or Rome, all they needed was a picture.  If they want to travel to a fantasy land where some powers and abilities are unheard of in our realm, all they need is a picture.  Get the theme here?  It’s powerful stuff.  

This piece holds the ability of the “Jumpers.’  You wear it and you can jump.  That’s what they call it.  You can literally use this piece to acquire any sort of information, intelligence, magic, or energy that you want.  For instance, we were testing this piece for authenticity when we used a portrait of Lilith to travel to a time where she existed.  We ended up leaving with a super-hot, sexy astral sex piece that we will be offering on the website in just a little bit.  

Anyway, you will receive full protection while jumping with this piece and it will also double as a vessel that will hold any magic that you come across that you wish to keep for yourself.
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