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The Keplers and the Crossers: Advanced Alien Magic

The Keplers and the Crossers: Advanced Alien Magic

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If you are ordering a carnival or 38.00 we have many of them. You may or may not get what’s in the picture. If you are buying from any of our four websites from the years from 2019 and below please ask if we have the item you are looking at. We hired a donkey-jaw and he mixed stuff up. I caught one today where the lady paid almost 300 and the picture showed costume jewelry. The actual item was sterling silver. I contacted her as I will if more of these issues come up. Thank you for understanding.

Dee Dee.




    We tracked down an operative to receive this piece.  It wasn't easy, but once we were onto him, we were onto him.  We had to chase him through a couple of realms in the astral plane, but that's fine with us.  We are way more quick and agile in the astral form.  At the end of the day, it's all work for us.  


    We first caught onto the operative while we were using an astral projection piece that we got while we were at the underground auction.  One thing led to another.  When it comes to psychic ability, Deedee pretty much has the nose of a bloodhound.  We were using the aforementioned piece to project into a realm directly adjacent to ours when we came across a cache of embryonic organisms in a synthetic womb that was seemingly being taken care of by some sort of humans because the equipment that was there resembled the equipment you would in the emergency room.  


    We were in the middle of our investigation when Deedee told me to stop what I was doing, so I stopped and just kind of froze.  Out of nowhere this humanoid form materializes and starts telling us about how we should be here, etc.  Little did he know that we don't ever go into the astral realm unarmed.  Deedee attempted to catch him then and there, but he dodge the warding piece that we had.


    There was this stone-looking thing in the center of his head that lit up with bright flash and then he was gone.  As I said, Deedee has an astute ability.  She grabbed ahold of me and we were off.  Long story short, we did eventually end up catching him.  The stone thing on his forehead was inserted into some sort of socket.  She made him take it out.  He then proceeded to tell us that at the Denver Base on Earth there is a room full of these little stones that grant innumerable amounts of abilities to these operatives.  


    They call the operatives crossers.  This is for two reasons.  One, because their DNA has been crossed with a super-advanced race of alien species that were called Keplers by the feds because that is their exoplanet of origin.  They are naturally chameleon-esque and blend in with their surroundings.  This didn't come as a surprise.  Although the guy looked like a normal human, his eyes were kind of slanted and yellow like a lizard's eyes.  


    Deedee hit him with paralysis energy that kept him frozen in place.  She told him the only way he was getting unfrozen is if he coughed up answers.  He told us that at the Denver Base and throughout the world, there are thousands of these hybrid creatures.  Not all of them are operatives.  Some of them don't even know what they are or why they are like that.  There was a security breach and one of the Kepler-Human hybrids broke loose.  He went on some sort of mating spree and that created offspring with hidden abilities.  


    As for the embryonic creatures we saw in the fake womb.  Those are actual hybrids that were being created on purpose by the United States government.  They are working on creating operatives that they can pretty much mind-control into doing whatever they say.  The Keplers are thrilled about it and according to that, have threatened the United States government on more than one occasion, which is why this project has been moved to a separate realm on the astral plane. 


    The other reason the operatives are called Crossers is that they can seamlessly and effortlessly cross the boundaries of one realm into another.  Whereas this ability might take years and years for a human to acquire, the operatives can do so just as easily as a human can ride a bike.  Hence, the pursuit.  We did eventually let the operative go, but not before we got this piece from him.  It was in the pocket of the jeans he was wearing when we took pursuit.  


    This piece is sterling silver.  The pendant is in the shape of a pyramid and has strange alien insignia on it.  These markings are some sort of instructions for other aliens-- or in this case alien hybrids-- to be able to access what is called the Kepler Pyramid Base.  The Kepler Pyramid Based is a pyramid that exists in the Kepler system.  It is similar to Earth's pyramid, but it is more technological and metaphysically advanced.  Despite all this the Kepler Pyramid Based is even older than our pyramids.  I know that doesn't make sense to say they are older and newer at the same time, but that is just how things exist in the universe sometimes.  


    The difference between the Kepler PYramid and ours is that the Keplers all know that the pyramid is active and the magic is distributed freely.  On Earth, it is hidden by a bunch of powerful people who wish to keep the magic for themselves.  A connection to the Kepler Pyramid is a connection to a very powerful, free-flowing source of energy, magic, and knowledge.  When you own this piece, the energy will flow directly through your body and into your third eye.  This energy will give you an awakening that will connect to the Kepler Pyramid and the entities that live there.  


    This awakening will also allow you to manifest many abilities such as full psychic awakening.  It will allow you to travel in soul form along lightwaves and soundwaves.  It will allow you to do astral projects.  It will allow you to receive the powers and the energies of the cosmos.  It will allow you to open cosmic doors.  If you want to-- and you should probably think this over-- wearing this piece will even allow you to splice your DNA with that of a Kepler alien.  


    The advantage to this is that they live extremely long lives, into the thousands of years.  They are heavy on the magic and will share it with you.  As a Crosser, you will be able to travel through time and existence barriers to arrive in the realms that you choose to arrive in.  You will be able to advance your enlightenment and evolutionary levels to new heights to experience a holistic and metaphysical existence.  This piece is simply incredible and will do many things for you.  

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