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The Land Of Hyperborea

The Land Of Hyperborea



The land of Hyperborea.

This is extremely rare! These pieces go beyond the supernatural into an entirely different realm of magic!

Hyperborea is a land in various esoteric and occult traditions. The name "Hyperborea" means "beyond the North Wind" in Greek, suggesting a location far to the north.

In ancient Greek mythology, Hyperborea was believed to be a mystical land located beyond the North, where the sun shone continuously and the people lived in a state of eternal spring and happiness. It was described as a utopian paradise, free from disease, war, and suffering.

In later esoteric and occult traditions, Hyperborea became associated with mystical and spiritual supernatural abilities. Some esoteric teachings suggest that Hyperborea was a lost civilization or a hidden realm inhabited by advanced beings who possessed secret knowledge and wisdom.

Hyperborea is sometimes linked with the legendary lost city of Atlantis. Some theories propose that Hyperborea and Atlantis were both ancient civilizations that possessed advanced technology, spiritual wisdom, and mystical powers.

Hyperborea has been used as a symbol of a golden age, a lost paradise, or a higher spiritual realm. It represents an idealized state of existence, purity, and harmony that humanity strives to attain.

Hyperborea is a mystical land that has captured the imagination of people throughout history. It represents an idealized vision of a utopian paradise, a hidden realm of wisdom and enlightenment, or a symbol of humanity's quest for spiritual perfection and transcendence.

What is the difference between Hyperborea and Atlantis? A lot!!! In fact it can’t really be compared. While Atlantis relies on a lot of very power crystals Hyperborea holds the powers of God within them and it can transfer and empower.

The Hyoerboreans all had the ability to be immortal, levitate and become invisible. Those right there are hardcore!!! The Hyperboreans are definitely set apart from other magical people and lands. Even those in other dimensions.

On top of what I just told you they can also have a continuous state of vitality, youth, health and well being. They hold advanced knowledge, secret teachings, spiritual insight, born into them mystical practices and esoteric wisdom. They can also reach the highest level of consciousness.

The Hyperboreans also have multiple psychic abilities. These are clairvoyance, telepathy, precognition. They can perceive events beyond our physical realm and access hidden knowledge through ESP.

They have full elemental control over the Earth, Fire, water and air. They can not only control these but manifest them for any purpose.

They have the ability to regenerate others and heal them. They can fix spiritual issues including the natural balance of the body, mind and spirit.

The Hyperboreans can transcend the limitations of our physical world. This is why they can levitate and use invisibility. They have a huge higher state of ascension. They are also spiritually pure. Personally I think all the other stuff they can do stems from the purity they have!

Some more unusual traits are that they can breathe underwater and cure any disease! They can also fully understand God and many things we can’t wrap our head around! This is all o have of these. Both stones come from their land.

One is a very unusual stone in sterling. It holds black opals and other stones. That is a pendant. The other is a ring size almost an 8 with a real stone from the land. I believe that is wrapped in real gold wire. Believe it’s real gold wire because it has never changed but I have no way of testing it. Both pieces give you all those powers and abilities so it comes down to choice.

I will not have more of these except my own and I don’t plan on selling it.

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