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The life breath of one giant! This will get on the blog.

The life breath of one giant! This will get on the blog.

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The mighty warriors, the hero’s, those men of renowned power. That is what this is. This is the life breath of the Nephilim. This is a living piece, a piece that draws out the power inside of you. This allows you to free your power so you can use it. Not only do you use that power but you remember ancient times when you possibly could have walked in another life. If you walked a path with connections to or past life as a Nephilim then this would be a definite buy. Memories will become active and they can be wild! I used this one last night. Here’s what I saw. Go to more into to read.


    I saw a giant man dressed in a brown heavy type cloth? Dress? He had a golden rope around his waste. But what was in his ear is what I kept staring at. He had a hoop earring in his one ear only! It was real gold and through the hoop was either a Cobra or a rattlesnake? The snake was alive and I’m pretty sure now as I type it, that the snake changed. The head was moving and the msn didn’t care. He didn’t care because it was his pet it seemed. I KNOW it was his pet. I think I was him?

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