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The Life Current and Geometric Magic

The Life Current and Geometric Magic

SKU: 1012113


This is an extremely unique piece. You can get a better glimpse of it by visiting the following web address:

This piece has been charged with an electrical current that travels through the air. It is very fain, so most humans don't even know that it exists. Only those who were naturally born super sensitive to such energies know that it exists and they know that it is very powerful. It's one of those innate gifts that people are born with that we tell you about all the time.

This current is s direct current of knowledge that exists within the universe. It is called the Life Current. We call it the Eyes of the Universe because that is pretty much what the current it. If you could envision the whole universe covered with invisible telephone polls and an invisible line that travels everywhere there is to go, that's what the current is.

This piece is made with wire that carries and loops this current. We've created the piece that way. It loops the current around and around and around. Then, when it is worn by a human with life energy, it is amplified and the current gets fed into your mind. It gives you an awakening.

You will suddenly understand what I mean, becuase you will be able to travel, within your mind, along the life current to anywhere in the universe that you want to travel. Many different forms of existence will be revealed to you and you will be able to take them all.

This means that you will also be able to acquire their types of consciousness, their powers their abilities, and the unique perspectives of the universe and their knowledge.

You will notice that on this piece there are an array of shapes, as well. These hold the secrets of ancient sacred numerology. They are codes that will release things in your mind. they will open doors. They will reveal hidden secrets of the universe and open up portals to places that you have never been to! These are chakras that were intentionally set into the universe to control the powers and abilities that are otherwise up for grabs. you will travel in astral form only, not physical.

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