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The Lives that Lie Beyond

The Lives that Lie Beyond

SKU: 972117


This piece is a sterling silver ring.

This piece is very, very powerful. There also isn't much to say about it because it is very straightforward in what it can and will do for you. This piece came to me in a vision that I had and I'm glad that it did because it allows those who use it to have the upper hand and control their own lives.

When I say lives that is precisely what I mean. You have probably seen that we post items that will allow you to control and dictate your path of destiny in this life that you are living now. However, this piece holds a very special magic-- the magic of the Egyptian Goddess Neith-- who is the spinner of the web of existence.

She is often represented as a spider who spins a web. Of course, this is a metaphor. The real Neith spins reality before it happens. You can liken her to the Moirai, except she is far more powerful. She exists outside of time and can spin destiny for longer than one lifetime.

What we are offering you is a piece that will allow you to do the following. First of all, it will allow you to tie together any loose strings. It will reunite you with all the lives that you have ever lived, their powers, and their magic.

Then, she will allow you to create future lives that you will experience. These can be any lives you want to experience. Live the life of a very wealthy person. Live the life of a shape-shifting werewolf. Live the life of a vampire. Live the life of a great warrior. Live the life of a sorcerer who controls and harbors great magical ability.

The fact is, it doesn't matter what kind of life you want to live-- or lives for that matter-- this piece will allow you to create them for yourself and live them.

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