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The Magic of Nahushtan, the Brazen Serpent

The Magic of Nahushtan, the Brazen Serpent

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This is an extremely beautiful piece. It has a YouTube video to go along with it that you can see by visiting the following web address:.

This piece holds ancient Israelite magic. It is white light magic that was given to Moses by God. After their exodus from Egypt, the Israelites began complaining to Moses. To get to the promised land the Israelites had to face many adversities. One of these adversities was traveling through the desert. The Israelites grew weary and spoke out against Moses and Yahweh.

As punishment for their actions, God sent a plague of fiery serpents. This caused a great death. They pled with Moses to grant them a reprieve and he went to God. God instructed him to build a great brazen serpent with red eyes. Place it upon a pole and those who look at it will be healed of their morbidity. It didn't take the fact that they were bitten by a snake away, but it prevented them from dying, which was good for the Israelites.

If you haven't seen it already, this is a parallel between Jesus being hung on the cross. All those that look to Him are saved, just as the serpent that was sat atop the pole. This has nothing to do with this piece, I was simply drawing a comparison between the two. It seems like certain themes repeat themselves in the Christian faith. They are heavy on symbolism.

Either way, this piece has come from my experience with another piece that I told you about the other day. I was able to travel to the Ark of the Covenant, where I came back with the power of a relic that I found when I was able to see inside the Ark of the Covenant. This relic was a golden snake with red eyes. It wasn't copper or brass like the original and that is to signify that this replication of the former is more powerful than the former.

The golden snake with his red eyes functions like the original copper snake with his red eyes, except the healing is a bit different. Instead of physically healing your body from a physical snake bight, the golden snake will metaphysically heal your soul! This snake, like the one mentioned in the Bible, is named Nehushtan. Nehushtan is a name that means great serpent. This is one of the many serpents of wisdom that you will come across in the Bible.

You are not receiving the Golden Serpent, but a piece into which I was able to place the essence o the golden serpent. You will wear this piece and the energies of the golden serpent will produce mental healing within your mind. When this happens you will be released from your flesh prison and you will be allowed to travel to the white light realms of Heaven. The Crystal Pyramids, God's mansions, God's throne, the Crystal Sea, and many other spectacular places of the utmost are awaiting your presence. All you have to do is use this piece and set yourself free!!

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