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The Mark of God

The Mark of God

SKU: 672131

These are sterling silver and real, beautiful opal. 

This is a very powerful set of earrings that were made by a merchant in Jerusalem.  The earrings contain chips of something called the Merkabah Stone.  It is a stone that was touched by the presence of God in ancient times during the First Temple period of Jerusalem.  

The stone was given a life of its own since being touch by God.  It was an unintentional side-effect of God visiting Earth via the Holy of Holies, which was first built atop a sacred stone.  God's presence gave the stone life and has allowed it to regenerate itself when chips are taken out of it.  

Only a chip is ever needed, becuase the power set inside of this stone is so immense.  When you wear these earrings, or even if you just keep them close to you, on your person, etc. you become marked with the Mark of God.  Just as there is a Mark of the Beast, there is also a Mark of the Lord.  In fact, the Mark of the Beast was made in jest of the Mark of the Lord.  

This piece will brand your soul with the Mark of the Lord.  Evil will not e able to touch you.  You will experience a personal connection to God through which he will feed you white light energies.  These energies can be used to create white light miracles in the name of God.   These miracles can be anything from monetary miracles to minor healing miracles to conjuring angels and other white beings, among other powers that you discover when using this piece.
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