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The Metaphysical Players' Club

The Metaphysical Players' Club

SKU: 7262117

This piece is a Sterling silver pendant.

This piece is called the Metaphysical Players’ Club.  When looking at this piece I’m sure that you can deduce the obvious.  This piece holds the powers and the magic necessary to bring great wealth and great luck through playing casino games of all types, specifically those involving cards.  I shouldn’t say specifically, but I’ll tell you this much-- when we were testing the piece we won a lot more money playing card games than we did pulling slot machines or shooting craps.  So, if you don’t know how to play cards, learn.  This piece will make you wealthy.  

On top of that, each of the suits of this piece holds something special, a special kind of magic that will become yours when you own this piece.  The heart is for granting love, passion, seduction, and mind-blowing sex.  The spade is for justice.  It will let you cast revenge.  It will allow you to instill karma upon people who deserve it, good or bad,  The clover will increase luck in all areas of your life where you might be lacking luck entirely.  Finally, the diamond will bring you power and fame, as well as protection in all forms.
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