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The Missing Link

The Missing Link

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We call this piece, "the Missing Link," which is appropriate if you look at the picture.  It is an antique pendant that holds Masonic magic.  This piece is very powerful, but we're not going to beat around the bush about it.  We'll get right down to it.  The piece comes from a very powerful lodge that still practices in Philly to this day.  This piece was acquired for me from a friend of mine named Simon who is part of the lodge.  The lodge calls itself the Grand Prince of Brotherly Love an homage to both the powers that this piece gives them (Grand Princes) and the city in which their lodge is located (Philadelphia means city of brotherly love).  

The reason they call themselves the grand Prince is that Jesus has also been called the Grand Prince, as well as, the prince of other things.  He is called this in the Bible over and over again.  When Adam and Eve sinned they were separated from divinity.  They pretty much flushed their birthright right down the drain in that instant without ever even realizing.  While that may be the case, there is nothing stopping somebody determined to regain their link to transcendence if they want it bad enough.  That is why instead of relinquishing His presence from humanity altogether, God limited them with a chakra system.  If they try hard enough they will succeed.  

This piece provides you with the missing astral links.  It gives you the ability to allow your soul to transcend and exist on the holy spectrum with Jesus Christ the savior.  It allows you to behold his secrets, the secret of his magic, the secrets of his miracles, the secrets of the universe, the secrets of his divinity, so on and so forth.  It will allow you to bring these things to live in your mortal existence.  

For those of you who don't get it, let me break it down for you.  This piece allows you to exist on Jesus' level and to bring his power, magic, miracle-granting abilities, and divinity back with you to Earth.  This is the way Adam and Eve existed in the beginning before their perpetual plunge into mortal sin.  We would have all existed this way, but now-- they had to go and mess it all up for us.  That's fine because now this piece will help you discover the Missing Link.  

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