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The Nocturnal Order of Giure Grando

The Nocturnal Order of Giure Grando

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This is a very powerful vampire piece that comes from a group of people that call themselves the Nocturnal Order.  They are a bureaucratic group of vampires whose ruling class is called the Grando.  The entirety of the Nocturnal Order has been created by the Grando, which is why they rule over them.  Dozens of these vampires exist all over the world and they hold the most powerful types of vampiric abilities.  They are all sanguine vampires.  Save for their members that are in spirit form and only take bodily form from time to time, the Nocturnal Order actively takes human blood as their source of energy and power.  

The Grando are the descendants of a man by the same.  Allegedly, the first written account of a vampire on Earth.  we know that to be false, but most scientists haven't seen the overwhelming paranormal proof and evidence that we have.  still, there is no doubt that the vampire we are about to introduce to you is very powerful.  Maybe you've heard of him.  maybe you haven't.  His name is Giure Grando and lived during the 1500s.  

As the story goes, Grando died in 1656 after complications from an illness that he had.  Once he was buried he was said to have returned at night, dooming the villagers that were still alive in his village to certain death.  It said that he would visit them at night.  He'd travel through the village and knock on the villagers' doors.  If Grando visited your house at night, somebody from your home would surely die within a few days.

On top of that, Grando's widow claimed that he would visit her in the night.  He would stand in her bedroom with a smile on his face, gasping for air.  Sometimes he would simply stare at her while she slept.  Other times he would sexually assault her.  I do not doubt that Grando probably did visit people in the night.  I think that he did this to drink the blood from villagers, although that part was never reported.  I'm not sure why as that seems like pertinent information, but I'm not a clerk, so I wouldn't know the reason for their omissions.  

As for Grando's widow.  I think what she was saying is baloney.  I think once her husband died she began having affairs with different men from the village.  Instead of owning up to it, she made up rumors about her late husband just in case she would up pregnant with a bastard child.  It was just a lot of information that was not reported or became misconstrued.  

I can tell you what did really happen, though.  Grando's children were run out of town.  To escape prosecution for something they had nothing to do with, they wound up fleeing to Volterra in Italy.  Meanwhile, the vampire Giure Grando was decapitated as he lay in his grave.  This came after several attempts to pierce his heart were made but were unsuccessful because the stakes being used were unable to pierce his skin.  Villagers had to see off his head.  It was the only way he would die.  

it is important to note that grand was not what you would consider a typical vampire.  He was something called a Strigoi.  They are a type of vampire that is also an immortal walking sorcerer.  This happened to his body after death when his soul experienced a vortex that not only empowered him but sent him back to Earth.  This is not to say that his body was indestructible.  Such is the case with immortality a lot of times.  You can become immortal, but there are still certain stipulations under which your body can be destroyed.  

In the case of Giant Grando, when his body was destroyed, he lived on in spirit form.  I don't know why he decided to terrorize the villagers.  That's on him.  What I do know is that once his body was decapitated the terrorizing stopped.  This is because once he was free of his flesh bag prison, Giant traveled to Volterra where he met up with his children.  He passed his Strigoi identity to them and they assumed the full scope of his magical powers.

Together his son and his daughter established what they called the Grando.  Their father taught them how to create more vampires and so they did.  They created dozens of them.  Since they are the ones that created them the created vampires must obey whatever the Grando tells them to do with the following exception.  Three vampires in their history have been promoted to part of the Grando.  These are vampires that they trusted enough to give their authority over the Nocturnal Order

each of the strigoi that receive this power has been given a special token that signifies their authority.  Of course, Giant Grando is the first member of the Grando, which is called the Grando in his honor.  However, he seldomly appears on Earth.  He only comes when he has important business or his immortal children summon him.  The other original members are his children Ana and Nikola.  They don't need to carry around tokens of power.  The other three each have one.  

The piece that we are offering is one of the tokens of power that have been premade by the Grando.  This piece gives you full vampire and strigoi power.  Not only will you receive the knowledge and magic of a sanguine vampire, but you will also receive a great wealth of knowledge pertaining to sanguine sorcery.  Since you are not technically being transformed with this piece, you don't need to consume blood.  the piece is activated with your energy.  

By acquiring and using this piece you will be able to access unlimited sanguine vampire powers and abilities.  These are many including psychic awakening, superhuman attributes such as strength, speed, agility, vision, etc., the ability to control minds, mesmerization, seduction, etc.  On the other hand, you will receive sanguine sorcery which will allow you to use the energies of your own human blood to create, develop and manifest the abilities that you want.
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