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The Oculum: Unlock the Divinity

The Oculum: Unlock the Divinity

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This necklace is made out of real garnet.  Technically, that makes this piece pretty valuable in and of itself.  However, what really takes this piece over the edge is the magic that is held within.  This piece has spent months inside of a secret chamber in the Sphinx.  We were able to find this chamber thanks to a map that we got from Raviniska a while ago.  No, we haven't spoken to her for some time, so please don't email asking to speak to her.

For the longest time we thought that the map was meant to be read as a physical map, but this entire time it was a metaphorical map of the soul.  It was a map that allowed us to enter the change in physical form after opening up a quantum portal.  We do not recommend ever doing something like that because so many things could go wrong.  We just always seem to get lucky.  Maybe one day that will stop.  

As I said this garnet necklace spent time in this secret chamber.  The chamber is called the Oculum because it exists in a cavity that is right above the Sphinx's two external eyes, in a spot that is meant to represent the Sphinx's third eye.  The results?  Well, naturally they are astounding!  

This piece holds hermetic alchemy.  This magic was given to the piece thanks to the vibrational energies that are constantly pulsating the Sphinx's third eye.  The magic that has been set into this piece doesn't really have a name, because we haven't really seen anything like this before.  

When you are wearing this piece, the magic that is within allows you to "wear" the third eye of whatever god or goddess that you choose.  Essentially this is a full awakening of the divine within your own mind.  You will meditate with the piece and call upon the third eye of whatever divinity you want to borrow.  This third-eye literally becomes your own and for as long as you determine you will share that god or goddesses knowledge, magic, power, etc.  

You can use them as if they were yours.  When we say gods and goddesses we mean Roman, Greek, Egyptian, Sumerian, Mayan, etc.  This piece will not allow you to assume the third-eye of the Lord of Lords or the God of gods, the OG God, Yahweh.  Sorry, but there is none equal to Him.  
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