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The Older Order

The Older Order

SKU: 3232226

This is a gold color with blue stone. This is a 38.00 piece. The first one to order will get this one. There are many of these so they will not all look alike. You may get a ring that looks different. You can also ask for a necklace or see what else I have.

This ring has been magically charged with a connection to one of the Old Order Unicorns. This metaphysical gem is very powerful and you will not want to miss your chance to get your hands on it.

A very simple-to-use piece that was designed by the master conjurer, this piece holds one of the Original

Order Unicorns. These are the unicorns that live on Mt. Olympus and graze in the eternal pasture. You will be given the name.They hold healing magic and the ability to see the futures it currently exists. If you don't like something about the future, being able to see it will help you change it before it happens. As far as the healing, it is full spiritual mending, with a consequential opening of your psychic awakening and senses.

Instructions-- To use this piece you will simply wear it while meditating and allowing the powers in the piece to into your body and react the way you want them too. This piece will help you develop any psychic ability you want, all you have to do is meditate with that power in mind.

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