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The Oratrix of Milan

The Oratrix of Milan

SKU: 1012107


This piece is all genuine Stone which helps it harder the power that it will give to you when you use it.

This piece also has an accompanying YouTube video. You can view this visual video by visiting the following link:

To provide you with this piece we had to tap into an old connection. Deedee originally met this connection at one of the underground events that she goes to. He is a Transitor for the Mystery School of Milan, which is a branch of the original Roman Mystery School that was styled in the manner of the Greek Mystery School.

Anyway, this piece was created by an immortal witch who is known as the Oratrix of Milan. She has taken many forms over the years, as she has to be able to change her appearance to keep people from knowing that she is immortal. The only people that are allowed to know that she is immortal are the ones the belong to the mystery school.

The Oratrix has traveled the world and has used her ability to astonish nobility and celebrities alike. She always travels under the direction of the Mystery School of Milan, because they guarantee her safety. while she is immortal, she can be killed by other people's magic. This has been attempted a time or two by people who have been disgruntled by what she revealed to them or displeased with the outcome of what she has done for them.

The Oratrix is a witch that exists solely for the purpose of being able to tell you your future, but then also being able to change your future if you don't like what you see. She holds the bloodline of Moirai, which is what gives her this ability. Usually, she does this for you, but in the case of this piece, her magic has imbued into the fibers of the item's being. As such, you will be able to access the magic of the Oratrix of Milan without having to be in front of her.

You must be very specific in what you ask of the Oratrix. Once she sets something in play, it cannot be undone. Granted, you will have continuous access to her and her power, but the old "be careful what you wish for" is still in play. Here's a little secret. Offer her some incense. She absolutely loves it. This way, when you wear the piece to meditate, she will be delighted and will grant you what you have asked for with no strings attached!

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