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The Pentalpha and the Secret Destiny of America

The Pentalpha and the Secret Destiny of America

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This piece is a heavy sterling ring, vintage modernist style.






What is the secret destiny of the United States of America? There are a lot of conspiracy theorists and symbologists and other people with fancy names that think they know. But do they really? This piece comes from a secret confine in Washington DC. This confine is a secret location where the American elite meet to perform their rituals.



The city is a safe haven for occultists, where they can meet to commit unspeakable acts and get away with it. Remember Pizzagate? It doesn’t matter whether you are liberal or conservative, democrat or republican in this place because there is only one agenda-- to invite in the unseen sinister forces to grant whatever it is they ask for.



We are not sure exactly where the confine is, but its purposes are nearly identical to that of the Vatican secret confine. It’s also interesting to note that the District of Columbia is an independent city-state that belongs to a larger trilateral coalition of city-states that include the City of London, the Vatican, and the District of Columbia.



Also interesting to note is the fact that all three of these cities contain large phallic-like monuments. In London, one can find the Londo Obelisk a.k.a. Cleopatra’s Needle. In the District of Columbia the obelisk has taken the name, “the Washington Monument.” In the Vatican, one can find an obelisk that is simply known as the Vatican Obelisk. It is a monument that can be found at St. Peter’s Square. It was removed from Egypt and relocated to the Vatican in 1586.



Washington, DC takes things to the extreme. It is no secret that George Washington was a freemason. This is commonly known. However, what isn’t as commonly known, or even talked about, is the fact that the architect of Washington DC was also a well-known Freemason. Pierre L’Enfant worked with Washington and other American dignitaries to work the existence of something very powerful into the design of the city.



If you look closely at a map of Washington DC, you will notice that it has been built in the shape of a pentagram. It’s not the whole city, but the pentagram exists within the boundaries of five streets-- Massachusetts Avenue, Rhode Island Avenue, Connecticut Avenue, Vermont Avenue, and K Street NW.



Those who study the occult and/or fervently wish to defend the Masons would say, “well technically it isn’t a pentagram, because it isn’t fully closed on the side that points to the white house.” To them, I would say, “You are absolutely right, so let’s call it what it really is. It’s a Pentlalpha, also called the Seal of Solomon. It was used the ancient magician-turned-God-fearing-Jew as a means to conjure forth demons and other metaphysical entities such as djinn, angels, and even Lucifer himself.”



Essentially, what America has been born for is the birthing of the Anti-Christ. An open-ended or broken pentagram has been the symbol used to conjured demons since the beginning of time. It allows those in charge to control the demons that they conjured. This particular pentagram (or pentalpha if you want to be super specific) points directly to the White House. It is also interesting to note that the Pentagram was referred to as the Womb of the Underground. Essentially what has been created in Washington DC, with the knowledge of our forefathers, is a breeding ground for darkness and evil. Whether they intended it or not, it has been created.



Of course, this is not happenstance. The third and final Obelisk to create the unholy trinity has been constructed in the United States. This unholy trinity consists of Satan, the Antichrist, and the False Prophet. Whether you want to believe it or not, Rome has been dabbling in darkness for a long time. We are on our last Pope. Things at the Vatican are about to hit the fan if you follow religious news at all. They’ve been hiding something. It could be the fact that the obelisk they have at Saint Peter’s Square represents Satan. Interesting choice of location, too. After all, Peter did deny Christ three times.



The second obelisk of the unholy trinity, created by Satan to counterfeit the Holy Trinity was the False Prophet. The False Prophet is the counterpart to the Holy Spirit. It is represented by Cleopatra’s Needle in London. It is said the sun never sets on the British Empire. Thus, who has as much pull as they do? Their liberal antics in breaking away from the Church and teaching people that “as long as you’re a good person” you’ll go to Heaven have not left much room for Jesus in the hearts of humanity. It creates a line that is drawn and erased over and over again to accommodate more of what makes people feel good about themselves and less of the actual truth to God. It’s intentional, folks.



Finally, the Anti-Christ is represented by the Washington Monument. The monument holds the magic that empowers the Pentalpha that has been built into the streets in DC. The devil, in the form of the Anti-Christ, will be born in the Womb of the Underground. He will be born into the White House and will have influence over the masses. Now, whether that means he will a politician or the president has yet to be seen. It could simply mean that he will have influence over the government and this is thanks to the ideology of the American citizens who have elected leaders who continually support things like full-term abortion, the existence of an unknown number of genders, a continual denial of God, and the push for individualism that teaches that “as long as you are true to yourself, you go to Heaven.”



Folks-- WAKE UP!! The time is not coming. The time is now. We have leaders in Washington DC who are involved in child disappearances. They are sacrificing lives to meet their Satanic agenda. It’s being done in the confine of an occult boundary. Demons are being summoned and released into the world. They are being called forth by our leaders to give them power, to give them money, to give them immortality, to give them influence, to make sure that their bloodlines succeed in power. It was even shown in the series, The Purge. Yes, it was a different scenario, but it was still created to introduce and cast obscurity upon the notion that things like these are actually happening! There are tons of magical relics hidden within the Pentalpha of DC. Solomons Blood Chalice, the Crown of Satan, the Devel’s Hoof, the Veil of the Dark Virgin, the Key of Solomon, the Immortal Elixir of Ba’al, and many others. The Anti-Christ is the Dark Savior and the presence of Satan on Earth.



So, then you must be wondering what we can offer that will do you any good that has come of what we have told you? The thing is that we actually had to customize this piece a little bit. We got this piece because we were testing a dual existence piece. We happened to walk in on a ritual that was taking place somewhere inside of the Penatpha. What we saw was horrifying. There were people dressed up in all sorts of masks-- plague doctor masks, Guy Fawkes masks, masks that looked like Egyptian Sarcophagi, barn owl masks, and even one that looked like Richard Nixon.


Cont. below...

  • Continued


    There was a vat of human blood that they all stood around. They chanted in Latin and out of the vat came this vile looking creature. We have no idea what the creature was, we have never seen-- or smelled-- anything like it before. It had long spindly looking fingers and on them was a collection of rings. Into its forehead was carved some sort of marking and its face was sunken in and hollow. Like, Chinese horror film people couldn’t have made a creepier creature than this one.

    From his hand-- was it a him?  We don’t really know.-- slid these rings.  There were eleven of them-- one short of the perfect number 12.  The Devil cannot be 12.  He can be 11 though because God entrusted him with all of His secrets.  We made our presence known long enough to swipe one of the rings and we high-tailed it out of there.   We operate like scavengers, but hey-- this piece is powerful!


    In fact, this piece is knowledge in a solid form.  That’s what we have for you.  It was dark knowledge, but as we said we have customized it by blasting it full of white light.  I actually did this by taking this piece with me on one of my astral journeys to Heaven.  It spent three days in the crystal pyramid, which was more than enough to convert the energy. Had we not done this, you would have ended up as a dark-magic minion… not unlike Golem from the Lord of the Ring come to think of it.  


    As I was saying, this piece is literally knowledge in a solid form.  KNowledge is usually a thought-form.  It comes n the form of education and enlightenment.  It’s hard to really put this piece into words.  It literally is a brain that you wear on your finger, or on a chain if you prefer.  You will be able to think with this piece.  It will reveal whatever you want it to reveal.  Of course, it will reveal the “End of the World” stuff, the stuff in Revelation, and everything else about the battle between Good and Evil.  


    However, it is the literal embodiment of all knowledge.  You can learn any magic or gain any type of enlightenment using this piece.  You can know anything or see any place.  You become set free when you wear this piece, because there are no limitations on what can do, create, learn, manifest, experience, know, comprehend, etc. when you are using this piece.  This knowledge is like becoming God, that’s how powerful it is.     

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