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The Piper's Songs of Magic

The Piper's Songs of Magic

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This piece is a glass pin.  It is antique and is beautifully iridescent.  On the glass pin, you will notice that there is a piper playing his pipe.  The thing is that this piper is a fairy from the Etherealm.  I'm sure you've heard that term thrown around before, but Etherealm is actually a pretty broad term that means of the realms that exist in the ether.  This fairy comes from a white light realm, no necessarily divine or godly, just extremely white light.  These fairies have lived in this realm for thousands of years and they create their magic through musical energy.  

We've told you all before that music carries its own energy.  That wy there are certain notes and melodies that can trigger responses with the human mind.  The wild thing is that the human ear is not capable of hearing most sounds, so these sounds sometimes happen and we aren't even aware of them.  I know I said this piece was religious, and it's not, but this is how Jesus was able to control the minds of the hogs into which he cast the demons.  He drove the hogs to kill themselves by communicating with them in a sound that was so high level that no human could have possibly heard it.  Animals are different.  

So, the reason that I'm telling you this is that this piece holds the essence of one of the fairies from the etherealm.  This fairy is able to communicate in tones that we are able to hear, however, the fairy that you are receiving is called a Conveyance Fairy.  He has the ability to play, with his pipe, the magic from the fairy realm that he comes.  Once again, this realm is very, very powerful in white light abilities.  In fact, any white light ability that you can think of the fairies in this realm can fabricate using their musical energies.  

The Fairy in this piece is named Enulum.  He is at least 1,000 years old and he is an exceptional player.  When you own this piece you will communicate to him what white light powers and abilities you want in your life.  He will then have the magic fabricated with musical energies.  He will play the notes and melodies of the magic you want into your mind.  Your body will receive it accordingly and you will be able to manifest this magic in your mortal reality.  Unfortunately, this piece cannot be used to cure terminal illnesses at this time.  It's an unspoken rule about the life balance of the universe.
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