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The Place of Lost Souls

The Place of Lost Souls



This piece is a heavy Sterling silver buckle bracelet. It is valuable enough on its own but read below to find out the powers that have been sent into it that make it even more valuable.

There is a place in Madrid that has a history so sinister that it could legitimately rival that of Wewelsburg Castle. The difference between the two-place is that at least the Wewelsburg Castle is talked about. We know what goes on there.

This place in Madrid goes by the name La Placita de las Almas Perdidas-- or the Place of the Lost Souls. Some simply call it the chamber. It is an underground network of tunnels and rooms that was built during the Spanish Inquisition. in those days, countless numbers of people were taken to the Chamber and they never came back.

I know that the Spanish were doing their Inquisition in the name of piety, but that was only at face value. The truth is that by that time the church had already become apostate. The Inquisition became the face of an operation that was used to acquire as many souls as possible by those in the high place. Why? They wanted to sacrifice these souls and use the bodies in blood rituals. The rituals weren't done for God, but Satan.

The already sinister souls of demon conjurers, devil worshippers, and dark witches were an easy snatch. They got even more points if they could deliver the souls of the innocent. The souls worked like a convenience store reward club. The more you deliver, the better your reward.

It was no secret that this was happening, either. Nobility and royalty from all over the known world traveled to Madrid for their chance to see the Chamber. If they were lucky they would be able to bring their offerings to the chamber and make a sacrifice. The Devil would break them nearly anything they wanted in exchange for fresh souls.

Also, please don't think that the Chamber stopped functioning at the end of the Inquisition. Those that ran the whole spectacle were direly afraid of being found out, so the end of the Inquisition ensued. The Chamber is still operational to this day, even if only a limited part of it.

You can do an internet search for the Chamber if you want, but the most you find after digging through piles of unrelated garbage is people going on with speculations about its existence. The entrance of the tunnel network is so well hidden that we don't even know where it's at. We have not been able to find insight to know where it's at Yet, we stand before you today telling you it really does exist.

We got this piece from a man who only goes by the name Constantino. I don't think that's his real name, but that is the one that he gave us. He also gave us this piece. This piece was one that Constantino created himself at the Chamber. He traded seven innocent souls for the Devil to allow him to create this blood relic. The relic holds the powers of the universe and can grant Constantino anything that he wants, even immortality.

I'm not going down a list and say this piece will give you this and this and this because everything that you want means just that-- everything that you want. Now granted, you won't be able to interfere with the destiny of the world because that is controlled by God and He has absolute authority. However, this piece is very powerful.

Constantino has been trying to make amends for what he has done. As part of his agreement with the devil, Constantino must wander the Earth in flesh form until he makes atonement for what he has done. He has mostly made that atonement. He has washed this powerful piece with divine light.

He has done this by making seven pilgrimages to seven different holy spots to wash away the blood of the seven innocent souls he corrupted. Only then will Constantino be able to leave the Earth. Even then I'm honestly not sure if he earns salvation or not. That's between him and God.

While this piece still allows you that original ability to grant yourself whatever you want, it does so from a dual perspective. It is not dark, it is not white. It has been neutralized and is ready to go however you prefer to use it.

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