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The Presence of the Great I am

The Presence of the Great I am

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We have discussed this, at length, before.  This is a piece that embodies the discussion.  It is a piece the has the magic of a place that is Biblical and historical in context.  there is a Holy site located on Mount Horeb, which is where Moses saw the holy flame of God for the very first time.  At least, we believe it was the very first.  If he had seen it before, there are no written accounts of it.  

In the account that is given the Holy bible, Moses spoke to Moses using a bush that was ablaze with a miraculous fire that neither burned nor destroyed the bush.  That's because it was the Holy Fire of God, whose keeper is the Holy Ghost.  It was not just a fire, but the presence of the Holy Flame, which is the soul of God.  

The part that is left out of the Bible is the part where Moses used the fire to transcend.  I'm not sure if this part was accidentally left out or if it was strategically left out.  Either way, it was left out but is significantly more important than the conversation that he had with Moses through the bush.

Among the words that were spoken to Moses when he encountered the burning bush were "I am that I am.  Tell the Israelites that I am has sent you."  Here's the thing.  Modern linguistics isn't necessarily sure that the whole "I am that I am" is the 100% correct version of the exchange that took place between God and Moses.  There are several other accepted translations of what was said that day including, "I will become what I choose to become," "I will be what I will be," "I create whatever I create," or, "I am the existing one.'

A generally accepter alternate translation to the second part of this exchange is, "Tell the Israelites that I am with them," versus "Tell the Israelites that I am has sent you."  The reason why this is important is to fully understand what God was telling Moses.  He was inviting Moses into the burning bush, to be washed and baptized among the living flame.  When he did, Moses was remitted into the spiritual plane of existence where he experienced the presence of and held council with God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit.  This was Christ in his spirit form before he was sent to be crucified.  

Either way, Moses was shown the entire universe and instilled with the knowledge of all.  The knowledge of all is the same thing as being able to see with the Eye of God.  Moses was imparted with knowledge of the universe and was given the magic of the universe to match.  He received the innate ability to "see" anywhere in the universe within his mind and to bring whatever he thought was necessary for the mortal realm.  This essentially allowed him to become a beacon of magic that regulated the flow of magic between our realms.  This is a gift that God gave Moses.  He was touched by the hand of the divine.  Then he instructed Moses to tell the Israelites, "I am [God is] with you.  In other words, God lived through Moses on Earth.

This piece brings out the Power and the Presence of the Great I am.  This is the same power that was given to Moses in ancient times.   With this piece, you will experience the power of the divine flame, the same way Moses did.  You will carry the Divine Flame with you, the presence of God.  You can use this piece to call upon the knowledge and the wisdom of the universe at your discretion.  This is the full knowledge of God and the ability to see the universe through His Eyes, to know the presence of all things, and to be able to call forth any kind of magic you want.  
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