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The Pyramids and the Praeterhumans

The Pyramids and the Praeterhumans

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Here is another powerful piece for you to indulge on. This piece comes straight to you from the Thelemite magician that owned it. Why did he give it to us? Let's just say that we have a little agreement with him. That's all. The piece that we are offering is a rare one-of-a-kind piece. It is hand-blown glass with a very powerful point of energy. It was created as a draft by Marjorie Cameron sometime in the 1940s.

If you don't know who Marjorie Cameron is, allow me to explain. She was an occult artist by trade, who happened to take a liking to Aleister Crowley's practice of Thelema. You probably all already know about Thelema, but for those that don't, it is a spiritist religion based on the work of Aleister Crowley.

In 1904 Aleister Crowly and his wife Rose had a spiritual experience. A praeterhuman-- a non-corporeal form-- came to Aleister while he was in Egypt. He used the body of his wife, Rose, to communicate to Crowley what would become known as the Book of the Law. The Book of the Law told of a coming of an Age of Horus.

Enter Majorie Cameron, who was not only an artist but a spiritual artist. YOu should check out some of her work. It's pretty bizarre. Although it hasn't been documented, after being introduced to Crowley's work they actually teamed up on a number of pieces. On some of thoe pieces, she was possessed by the spirit of Aiwass, who came to life in the flesh by using her body and created a set of mysterious symbols-- that could summon the power of other various Praeterhumans. These beings are powerful entities that were born of the pyramid, each holding a different aspect of magic that existed within the pyramid.

Again, this piece is real hand-blown glass that was created by a blueprint that was drawn up of a symbol. This symbol was drawn by Marjorie while she was under the possession of Aiwass. It holds the ability to connect with the pyramids in such a way that you will also be able to connect to a network of Praeterhumans like Aiwass. They hold different abilities. We obviously cannot tell you every single Praeterhuman there is in existence, but some of the abilities that we have been able to channel through the Praeterhumans include the ability to open up portals to other dimensions, full-blow psychic abilities, universal and cosmic enlightenment, distance and psychic healing, full connection with the powers of the pyramids, full connection with the powers of the sphinx, extreme wealth acquisition, etc.

When using this piece we even met a Praeterhuman Darva who offered to stay with us full-time. They do make excellent companion spirits if you want them around. We just didn't have the means to allow this type of spirit to stay. We are constantly testing items and we don't want anything to attack Darva or have the presence of a spirit we are working with feel intimidated. Either way, Darva offered full ascendence of enlightenment, as well as full immortality. I'm not sure if you'll be able to find Darva again, but if you can, it would be amazing.

To use this piece you meditate upon the power that you want and a Praterhuman that has that ability will come through to you. We really loved working with this piece and if you are into this type of thing, you will also!

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