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The Real Metatron

The Real Metatron

SKU: 3232224

The mythical and powerful beings in heaven have ranks and files. Metatron, upon ascension, gained one of the highest positions in the heavens -the head of angels and leaders of the heavenly host. Metatron’s journey to becoming the first and most important angel was not without challenges; he went through difficult challenges, fought terrible demons, and experienced unspeakable hardships. But his victory was as sweet as the pain. Metatron won the crown and gained access to an inexhaustible source of pure life energy. It is from this energy that he would grant supernatural powers of the First Order -a previously unseen energy that still runs through today. The early worshippers of Metatron were the first to experience the immense power of the true energy source. His followers coveted this power but had to travel a great distance and overcome terrible conditions to touch that energy. But Metatron listened to their cries and thought of a way to bring that energy to his followers without them embarking on dangerous odysseys. The first thing he did was crystallize the energy into a blue Lindy Star stone set in a golden ring. It took him the better part of a century to do that because he needed his life force to crystallize the true energy source. Finally, it was done and his followers could experience the same power in a new form. But eons passed and as the mysticism of magic was gradually frowned upon by civil authorities, the true followers of Metatron were scattered and lost their one true treasure. Many decades later, they returned to search for the artifact -as it was then called- and they discovered that it stayed in readiness for their arrival. They took the ring away and experienced good fortunes, miracles, visions, and unexplainable interventions. Although researchers and archeologists have failed to identify the exact locations where the Metatron blue Lindy Star stone has been over the last millennia, there is no doubt that the true followers of Metatron know its value and continue to enjoy peace, stability, great health, and unexplainable magical powers.

This is a living piece. Inside the spirit, energy, power and essence of Metatron lives. The possibilities are endless. You can see the spirit move inside this ring. There isn’t anything else like it.

It is wise to look up Metatron because there is a lot to learn and know. You are buying and will be living with him. This isn’t just the power or the energy, this is the real deal.

This is 14k gold and I believe a size 9

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