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The Real Secrets of the Georgia Guidestones and the Timecapsule

The Real Secrets of the Georgia Guidestones and the Timecapsule

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These things were revealed to me by the Immortal Man. He is the one that handed me the piece that you are receiving. He is the one that has made this piece possible. He came to me at night, much like the Ebenezer Scrooge story to show me that the time is not that far off from now.


What I saw was a hazy reality. The air smelled like smoke and if I'm not mistaken a tad bit o blood. I could barely make out anything as I squinted to see through the haze. Then, I could see it in all its resplendent glory. They always said that it was built to withstand catastrophic events such as a Nuclear War. There before me, one of the only things left standing, was the Georgia Guidestones.


I'm sorry. Let me back up a bit and explain exactly what I'm talking about. This piece sheds new light on the Georgia Guidestones and their purpose on Earth. We have offered a lot of revelatory pieces, but this piece gives you the powers of the Georgia Guidestones in the physical presence and will open up a whole new world to you. I promise.


Buckle up, buckaroo. Things are about to get weird. Some have called the Georgia Guidestones America's Stonehenge, which would kind of be a slap in the face if you think about it considering they are about double the height. For those of you who didn't already know, the Guidestones are a massive monument in the Eastern part of Georgia in the way tippy top, by the South Carolina border.


Nobody knows who paid for that structure, but there are certainly several theories. Also, nobody is quite sure what the messages inscribed on them are supposed to mean, but you guessed it-- there has been plenty of speculation surrounding it.


How about we start things off like this. I will list messages on the Guidestones. There are ten of them. Each message is written in eight different languages. We will touch on this in just a little bit. For now, here are the messages inscribed in English, which is one of the 8 languages of the Guidestones.


The other seven languages are Swahili, Spanish, Russian, Sanskrit, Hebrew, Arabic, and Chinese. The messages are below.


Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature


Guide reproduction wisely – improving fitness and diversity


Unite humanity with a living new language


Rule passion – faith – tradition – and all things with tempered reason


Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts

Let all nations rule


internally resolving external disputes in a world court

Avoid petty laws and useless officials


Balance personal rights with social duties


Prize truth – beauty – love-seeking harmony with the infinite


Be not a cancer on the earth – leave room for nature – leave room for nature


Here's the skinny on how the Guidestones came about. A well-spoken, silver-haired man who identified himself only as C.R. Christian showed up at a granite company in Elberton, Georgia. He requests a quote for a project requiring nearly a quarter ton of granite. The company was sworn to secrecy and got rid of all the documentation later on. There isn't much record of anything.


The name R.C. Christian led some to think it was a project undertaken by the Rosicrucian Order. I assure you that's not the one. Nor, was it built by CNN's Ted Turner. I've wasted enough time, so I'll just jump right to the conclusion here.


The Georgia Guidestones were built by a Luciferian cult. It holds its roots in a secret society that practices Luciferian Magic, whose members understand that the world will be destroyed. The members of this cult include the world's elite-- bankers, politicians, military leaders, corporate moguls, etc.


The Guidestones were built in such a way that allows the movements of the sun and the stars to be tracked. There is a system of holes and slots that visitors can peer through that allows them to see the sunrise during an equinox or solstice. They can locate the North Star. This all has to do with the fact that God wrote the messages of the End Times in the Zodiac and Luciferians are always paranoid that God is watching them. He is.


Moreover, the messages on the granite slabs are Satanic Ten Commandments. They talk about a drop in population of about 90% through war, famine, pestilence, etc. Look at the shelves people. Look at the prices of things. We're in the beginning stages.


Let's face it. This Luciferian Cult either is-- or they are in cahoots with-- an NWO that is going to establish a one-world government. The claims are made right on the stones. It talks about a world court, establishing a world language, and observing a world religion.


To further aggregate the situation the numerical value of the height of the Burj Khalifa, in feet, is encoded within the Guidestones. Coincidence? Nope. Not at all. The bK is the world's largest skyscraper. The godless men that built it intended it to be the new "Tower of Babel". They sought to usher in the coming of a new age where God could become a man.


Now, let's factor in all of the things we already know. Look at all the things that are going on in today's world. Our political climate is explosive. Illnesses? We have those now worse than ever. I mean, there's a plague starting in India as we speak that has a mortality rate of 45% - 75%. You can look this up.


Wars and rumors of war? There have always been rumors of war, but they are imminent at the moment. A white house correspondent said earlier that America is ready to go to war with China over Taiwan. Russia wants us gone. Folks, the Bear, and the Dragon are getting ready to fall upon the Eagle. There will be a world war. Many people will die. If you are reading this, you might die. I might die. If war breaks out, anything is possible.


This is all part of the agenda. This is all part of the grand plan. Wipeout 90% of the population and start over. Find a way for the Satanic and Luciferian elite to laugh in the faces of the God-fearing. Force the new population into ideological suppression and the Satanic church will reign on freely on Earth-- one language, one religion, one currency, all who have taken the mark of the beast-- just as predicted in the Bible.




Continued Below


    Look folks, I'm not trying to be all doom and gloom, but things are about to get super real. Luckily, there is one saving grace. It's the traveling time-capsule. Originally built close to the Georgia Guidestones, it now travels all over the world, because the originals didn't want people finding it. Well, they only wanted the smartest people who could crack the secret riddles and codes to be able to find it. Survival of the fittest is the name of the game and they only want the strongest to survive.

    The time capsule has pieces that will help those who are leftover. As I said, they only want people who are the strongest and if somebody has the mental dexterity and intelligence to be able to solve complex problems such as the riddles on the Guidestones to survive.


    we have two of those pieces. They were delivered to us by the Immortals Man. We are keeping one of them. One of them is being sold. The one that we are selling is a sterling silver ring. Pay close attention, okay. This sterling is unmarked because it comes from an alternate dimension. We are not sure where it comes from, but it is 100% silver. We guarantee it.

    On the outside of the ring, you will notice four holes. They represent North, East, South, and West. Two of the holes are at the tops of the pyramids that are etched into the side of the ring. This is symbolist the hole that exists at the top of the Guidestones. This hole is used to reveal celestial secrets of the Luciferian Agenda, as well as the messages that God has already written in the stars.  

    On the inside of this ring, you will the infinity symbol. That is because whoever owns this piece will be given immortality. You will be given immortal knowledge, the power to heal, and extreme, extreme protection.  


    You will also be given wealth. You will be given all the secrets and all the answers that have been written in the Guidestones. You will be given the secrets of the antichrist and the Luciferian agenda. You will be given the secrets that God has written into the Zodiac, as far as the second coming of Christ.  


    Again, this piece will give you extreme protection and will make sure that when the time comes and the great purge begins, you will not be left behind.  


    As I stood there in the wake of whatever had just happened-- Nuclear War if I had to guess-- the Immortal Man showed me that there is only one answer. The answer is hidden in that Time Capsule. There is no other way to be safe. There is no other way to gain extreme magic and knowledge for the coming of the New Age where men become Gods.  


    Look, the elite have already guaranteed that by 2036 that biological immortality is going to be possible. They need population control and it's coming. The question is, will you be ready? I guess we'll find out.  


    This piece will also give you enlightenment. This is dual enlightenment obviously. It will join you to the universe to give you universal knowledge. This is the mantra of the New Age Religion-- "Free Knowledge For All and Men As Gods." You will be able to become like God on Earth, to be able to know the things you want to know and create the magic you want to have. 

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