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The Remnant of Aquos

The Remnant of Aquos

SKU: 922101


This is a very unique type of piece. It is an antique sterling silver bracelet. Etched into the silver are depictions of the lifeforms that will come to you. One is a mermaid djinn and the other one is some sort of alien lifeform, but it is also a djinn. Perhaps the second creature is the precursor to the more modern djinn. What we know about the Mermaid Djinn, also known as an Aquatic Djinn, is that it was created when the mermaid and djinn genome were crossed. What we know about the second life form (the one we called djinn x) is that it was a gift from an alien species that visited Earth in the times of ancient Atlantis.

In ancient times there was an underwater pyramid called Aquos. This pyramid was part of Atlantis and has since disappeared, but that doesn’t mean it can’t still be accessed with a little bit of time magic. We got this piece while traveling to ancient Atlantis in our astral forms. Specifically, we visited an island near the waters where Aquos existed.

The djinn x and the mermaid djinn are creatures that were sent by the Atlanteans to be the guardians of Aquos. Aquos holds a very, very ancient magic that was developed by the ancestors of the Atlanteans that lived on Earth They called it the Remnant because it came from the existence of a previous universe that had collided with our own.

Either way, the energies of the Remnant are extremely powerful and they are guard by the djinn x and the mermaid din n the waters of Atlantis. It isn’t that this pyramid had flooded or anything like that. They wanted it underwater-- so they could preserve the magic from it’s only natural predator-- other living beings.

This bracelet holds the presence of the djinn x and the mermaid djinn. They will allow you to enter Aquos in your mind. This is the magic upon which the Atlantean civilization has been founded. All the magic for their pyramids. All the magic that allowed them to grow in ascension and awakening. It is the “original recipe” that was tweaked to allow Atlantis to grow in power.

As for the djinn x-- that’s a story in it’s own. The reason that they chose to use the djinn x to guard their power is that they are incredibly loyal and will bond tightly with owners. The mermaid djin are a customization type djinn and are very powerful. With this piece, you receive one of each type of entity. They will allow you to enter Aquos, to behold the Remnant, and to use it to create your own magic. You can use it to access ancient Atlantean magic. The possibility are endless with this magic.

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