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The Ring of Xerxes

The Ring of Xerxes

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If you can think back in history to some of the worst rulers around, Xerxes the Great would probably be in the top five along with some of the more recent leaders of the United States of America.  Xerxes was a warrior at heart and wasn't even technically supposed to take the throne.  He wasn't Darius the Great's firstborn son, but since he was the grandson of Cyrus the Great and Darius' first son was born to a commoner, he ascended the throne.  

Xerxes had an absolutely horrendous reputation.  He believed in ruling with brute force.  He was a womanizer and some accounts say he was also a drunkard.  He once punished the Hellespont, which was a body of water.  He had undergone a project that where pontoons made of reeds were floated on the water so his vast army could cross the square.  However, a storm came and the water washed the reeds away.  Like any logical person would do, Xerxes accused the water of conspiring him, sentencing it to 30 lashes.  He also had a pair of shackles dropped into the water and the original group of engineers beheaded for their "failure".  Sweet guy, huh?  

Although Xerxes ruled with brute force over pretty much everyone and everything and he wasn't the brightest crayon in the box t, that didn't stop him from taking a deep interest in magic at a young age.  He began dabbling in certain types of magic before he even became kind.  He only became king at the age of 35, so as the son of nobility he had a lot of time on his hands when he wasn't out fighting wars.  This allowed him to grow a repertoire of decent magic.  He did this with the help of Persian sages that he hired while still a prince.  

However, his breakthrough in magic didn't come until after he became king.  His first order of business once he took the throne was to put down an uprising in Egypt.  Darius was in the process of doing this when he died, so it was only natural that Xerxes finishes his quest.  He traveled with his army to Egypt where there was a battle that ultimately ended the uprising.  In the process, Xerxes' curiosity about the Sphinx and the pyramids grew rapid.  He ordered the Egyptians to grant him a personal guide that could take him all around and show him the structures.  

At that point, high priests were still kind of figuring how some of the stuff worked for themselves, but they obliged.  They allowed Xerxes to sit in on one of their rituals.  It was during this ritual that the first Ring of Xerxes was created.  It was an old bronze ring with different symbols set into to it.  It is said that during the ritual, the elders that attended with Xerxes tried to kill him by sending him to the underworld.  Instead of Dying, Xerxes was given life by Osiris to come back and reclaim his throne.  Osiris was partial, but then again, you all know how he was originally created out of his throne.  

The point is that Xerxes came back to the Earth with an authority over the magic that was implanted inside of him by Osiris.  First, this magic gave Xerxes the power to transcend his mind into the capstone of the pyramid.  There he was able to receive and allocate pretty much any type of magic power he wanted.  Because the Great Pyramids of Giza are pretty much like energetic and spiritual batteries of magic that empower the Earth.  The Sphinx is their caretaker. Xerxes had access to pretty much any magic he wanted, this included a set of numeric magical codes that allowed him to create a relic that he could take with him.  This would replicate the power that he had experienced to take it with him anywhere he went,  

The formula to create this relic was written down on a tablet that was Xerxes most prized possession.  Before he died he had the power instilled in a secret monument which was a small obelisk that he had built that he could take with him where ever he went.  This way he'd have unlimited magic, no questions asked.  What we have are those secret codes-- the sacred numerical frequency that allowed him to replicate the presence of the Pyramids, their capstones, and the magic of the Sphinx.  We have been given the authority to create one piece with this code.  The piece that we created is the one that we are offering.

When you own this piece you won the ability to stand before the esoteric power of the pyramids and the Sphinx.  The pyramids are ancient batteries of power that will attract the type of magic you are looking for.  It doesn't matter if that happens to be ancient Egyptian magic or any other type of magic.  This piece is a beacon of power and is not limited in what it provides to you.  All you have to do is be able to dream it up and the power of the pyramid conduits will create it for you.  This is how the ancient Gyptians were so powerful.  It's how Xerxes was so powerful.  It is how you will become power, too.  

The piece we are offering, which we created, is a ring.  It holds the powers of Xerxes' original obelisk.  This piece grants you the anomalous powers of the Pyramid of Giza.  It will allow you to source your own magic and to come into the powers that you most desire.  The item is a sterling silver men's ring, size 11.  
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