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The Royal All-Goddess

The Royal All-Goddess

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Please see below for full description and details of this piece!

  • Full Description and Details

    The piece that we are about to offer you is exceptional.  The magic that is in this piece holds ancient roots that permeate time and extend back to the beginning of the world.  You see, nobody knows where the magic from this piece originated.  We've tried to take guesses.  Somewhere in the universe, there is a hub of knowledge.  This is living knowledge, not just the type that you think in your head, but the kind that lives inside of you once you experience it.  It is the history of the universe.  It is the knowledge of all things.  

    We think this is where the magic has come from, but we aren't entirely sure.  This piece is so powerful and we wanted to examine it thoroughly before offering it to anybody.  We have worked with this piece for months before actually determining that we felt it was safe for purchase.  Power such as this doesn't come by every day and we simply want to make sure that it ends up in the right hands of a capable and sensical user.  Otherwise, the power in this piece could possibly cause widespread catastrophe.  We will explain, but before we do, I will tell you how this piece came about.  

    On August 24, 1608, the British first landed in India.  They landed in Surat in the midst of an already flourishing culture that dated back 4,000 years.  Nearly a decade before that the charter for what would become the British East India Company was granted by Queen Elizabeth.  Of course, the facade of the company was trading in spices.  Granted, they did trade in spices that were necessary to preserve their meat at the time.  However, there was something more in the pot.  There was something specific that the Queen was after.  That's the reason she granted her charter to John Watts and George White.  

    Here's the thing, the Indus Valley (modern-day India) was a very fertile area and one of the oldest civilizations on Earth started there.  It was retroactively named the Indus Valley Civilization because a proper name wasn't given to the area until much later.  It was in those early days that magic flourished the most in India.  Don't get me wrong, magic is still abundantly present in India, but in those days it almost came second nature.  This I almost certainly because of a relic that has never been mentioned in history and never will be.  

    Why?  That's simple.  The relic was stolen by the British East India Company.  I'll tell you that the Queen and her group of shareholding aristocrats knew what could be done with the magic of India.  Of course, this would never be accepted as a valid reason for a charter, so spices and trade were the official prospects for the arrangement.  It didn't take long for word to travel and other countries started getting involved.  It's kind of like in modern times when governments bomb other countries because of shadow wars over oil, but it's never really mentioned, but everyone knows.  It was kind of like.  There was this race to get to India, not only to capitalize on the wealth that could be had there but to also find the source of magic that powered the original Indus Valley Civilisation in ancient times.

    I'm not going to get into the colonization of India or the British Raj.  You can look those things up if you'd like.  There's some surprising history to be found.  However, you will not find all of the history and some of the history might only be mildly factual.  I'm also not going to get into the evolution of the magic that was given to the Indus Valley Civilisation.  I will say that it was first transformed into the Vedic Traditions.  Later it was transformed into Hindu.  In my honest opinion, these traditions can be powerful, but even they are watered down from the original.  The original powers start with the relic that was stolen from the Mughal Empire once the British (and other European powers) began encroaching upon the Indian subcontinent.  

    I'm not here to discuss all that, though.  What I will tell you is that this piece was taken and delivered to Queen Elizabeth.  What I've always to you is always true.  The Monarchy gets what the Monarchy wants.  In this case, it was a relic.  To be honest it wasn't even a pretty relic.  It was sort of regular looking, but according to journal entries from the ship that transported the relic back to England on behalf of the queen, the relic was mesmerizing.  You could even call it sort of a hypnotic affect.  One shipmate wrote that late at night he heard a humming sound coming from the relic.  

    He thought it was somebody up to no good. He decided to go and check it out.  Next thing he knew it was three days later.  He had been taken to the captain's quarters after being unable to communicate other than babbling nonsense.  This same shipmate then goes on to write about how he would receive these dreams of brilliant light and unlimited power.  He said the dreams allowed him to travel to a place that was all-inclusive of human thought and knowledge.  It was a place where each existed as a whole and they functioned as a universal unit.  Magic was universally shared and there was nothing that could not be accomplished.  

    In this place, immortality wasn't a big deal, because everyone was immortal.  Nobody needed healing because there were no imperfections.  He wrote that if he could describe the place it would Heaven, but much more so because in that place there was none greater than the other.  They existed equally in power in a state of constant inner peace, enlightenment, and illumination.  There was no pain.  There was no aging.  There was only pure out-of-body, spiritual transcendence.  Of course, what he was describing kind of sounds like what Nirvana would be, but even in that state, the soul is still tied to the physical body.  This was complete spiritual independence.  

    I'm just going to break this down for you like this.  There is a reason that the Indus Valley Civilization of Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro throve.  It was because in their midst they had an extremely powerful being whose name the called Najanapati.  I know that is a mouthful to say, so we will shorten it to Naja.  We call Naja a she because it is a feminine energy, but doesn't make her male or female.  She just feels more like a female.  We call her a goddess, but she is more of divine essence.  We are trying to make it easy for everyone to understand.  

    The relic that I told you was stolen by the East Indies Company was then transported back to England, where the Queen, her court, and the aristocrats that funded the original voyage in 1608 had a field day.  That is because Naja holds infinite power and infinite intelligence.  There is a reason why the Indus Valley had written dialogue over 3,000 years before the British did.  The British had two things that others did not-- brute force and superior weapons.  The people of the Indus Valley had the intelligence and patience to persevere, which they eventually did in the 1940s when India and Pakistan were given their independence.  

    As I've told you, Naja is a very powerful character indeed and it is a shame, but her presence has all but nearly been wiped out from existence due to the greed and superiority complex of The Crown.  They want all the magic so nobody else can have any.  However, in her original days in the Indus Valley, Naja was regarded as a beautiful entity and not just a possession.  She comes from a universal intelligence that can be found far, far away in the universe.  This intelligence is a block of living knowledge where the soul comes from to illuminate and bring human bodies to life.  After the death of the human body, they are sent to rejoin the living knowledge, spreading their life experience through the entirety of the universal intelligence.  

    Naja was known as a beautiful moon dancer.  By the light of the moon, she would come out of her relic and dance in ways that human eyes have never seen before.  She would summon magic and knowledge from the universal intelligence and her body would contort in ways that a human body could not.  It was scary and it wasn't like a possession.  It was a simple and beautiful form of dance and communication that could only be done by moonlight because the moon holds the reflection of the sun.  Likewise, Naja is only a reflection of the whole.  She is a gateway that allows humanity to experience the universal intelligence and infinite power that I described to you before.  

    Of course, in their greed and need to feel content, the Crown owns the relic.  It is stored in the Crown Reliquary.  Naja has been called upon by many of the Royals to grant them power and prestige, riches, protection, to help them win wars, to help them dominate society, to help them control the financial sectors of the world, to help them command the elite, the list goes on and on.  As previously mentioned, the relic is now stored in the official Crown Reliquary, which is another department of the Crown that is kept secret from the public.  Having said that, they should keep a better inventory of their relics and all they can do.  You see, the Crown underestimates Naja's power.  I told you before she is infinite.  Her being is not subject to one minor relic.  She is ever-present and she is omnipresent.  She finds ways to move.  This piece was made by a man who belongs to a group of magical vigilantes whose mission to free the magic that has been kept hidden by people who are too afraid to release it to the public.  Naja cooperated fully and we now have this piece.    

    The piece that you are getting is antique optical glass.  You will notice that Naja's presence is depicted within the glass.  This is not just a depiction, but it is her actual presence.  The optical glass has caught her reflection, which was burned into the glass.  Her presence now lives with this glass.  She is a goddess of all, which means she is a goddess of both dark and light and can grant either type of magic.  This is because the universal intelligence that she has come from is a conglomeration of knowledge.  It does not discriminate between dark and light.  Knowledge is knowledge, but it is ultimately up to the user how they will use the magic in this piece.  This is why we said earlier that we have been looking for a person who is going to use this piece properly because the power and magic that Naja has the ability to grant could cause major disruption in the way we live.  

    The reason is that Naja is ever-present as I described before.  She lives outside of time and reality.  She is not bound by time, because she is immortal.  Thus, she can change things about time that could have causes and effects that would change life as we know it.  Of course, these things could also always be rendered back to normal, as fate and destiny will always correct themselves.  Also, there are other pieces like this one.  However, this is a very, very, very rare piece.  I want you to understand that what you are receiving you will not find anywhere else.  I promise you that.  You might find replicas that look similar or pieces that say they function similarly, but this piece is one-of-a-kind.  

    When you own this piece you will naturally develop a bond with the goddess Najanapati.  She might appear to you in spiritual form or she might only communicate with you telepathically.  It depends on the connection that is formed.  You will be able to ask her for anything that you want and she will create it for you.  She will wait until the light of the moon.  Her spirit will leave the reflection and she will perform her Moondance.  the magic that you have asked for will enter her spirit and she will return to the piece where she will deposit the magic that you have asked for.  This can literally be any kind of magic or knowledge because it comes from the universal intelligence from which Naja is born.  The universal intelligence knows all things and holds active knowledge of all things.  That is how you are able to grant yourself whatever you want.  

    Having said that, this piece does have limitations in power and one of those is simple harmonious balance.  If you try to pull something off that is going to destroy the universe, it will be aware because the universe was created by a divine being to be the intelligent lifeform in which we exist.  I see and controls all things.  It monitors situations and will intervene when necessary.

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