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The Sanguine Mind of Judas

The Sanguine Mind of Judas

SKU: 7272106

If you are looking for a powerful vampire piece, then this piece is the one for you.  It is solid sterling silver and you can see that the pendant is a distorted cross with a skeleton hiding behind it.  This is symbolic of Judas Iscariot hiding from the cross because he can’t face it head on because of his betrayal of Christ.  

Many of you that have been with us for a while will remember that Judas Iscariot is the father of sanguine vampires and that is because his immortality was born of his own blood as his body burst open after he hung himself in Potter's Field.  His punishment for his betrayal was to walk as the undead, remembering what he had done.

However, where he walked, he walked in power.  These powers were passed to offspring vampires that he created.  His sanguine power such as mesmerization, hypnotic abilities, the ability to walk between realms, the ability to create blood magic and cast blood spells, superhuman strength, sped, and agility, are just some of Judas’ sanguine abilities.  He has created many more and this piece will reveal them all to you.  

This piece holds a connection to the sanguine mind of Judas.  He has his business that he goes about and you will go about yours, but he will allow you to connect to his mind in order to draw and develop sanguine vampire abilities.  These are obviously the most powerful kind because they come directly from the source.  

So, for all you vampire lovers this is the one for you from the one that started it all.  Don’t pass this one up! 


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