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The Satanic Jubilation

The Satanic Jubilation

SKU: 772101


This is a piece of dark origins.  It is dual magic because it is intention magic.  Intention magic is magic that you use based on your intentions alone.  It is a neutral type of magic that is dictate by the intentions of those who use it.  Having said that, it is no lie that the origins of this piece are inherently dark.  That doesn't necessarily mean that you have to use it for dark intentions.  In fact, for every dark energy there is a white energy that polarizes it, to keep a balance of good versus evil in the universe.  

Every 666 years there is a demonic event called the Satanic Jubilation.  This is done to mock what is known as The Jubilee in the Bible where debts are forgiven.  It is a night where Satan's most vile demons take to the world in human flesh, finding partners and impregnating them.  They do this to spread the Satanic seed and to grow generations that will not respect the Lord.  This means more souls for Satan.  

On one such night a group of Satanists hunted down the human form of Asmodeus.  Asmodeus is one of the more powerful demons, full of knowledge that has been fed to him by Satan.  They found him somewhere in Italy, I'm not sure where to be exact.  When they found him, they subdued him using powerful binding spells.  They cut open his flesh and they drank his blood.  Asmodeus was technically murdered, but since he was in human flesh he simply returned to Hell until the next Jubilee.  

On Earth, the consequenes of what had happened gave rise to a race of humans who are knows as the Asmodeans.  You would think that Satan would punish the group for doing what they did.  Alas, there is no loyalty in the Land of Trickery.  Satan was quite amused at what had happened and since it meant more souls for him, he fed the group power and magic.  Over the years the group has grown in numbers, so much so that some people who are born of the bloodline of the Asmodeans don't even now who they are.  They aren't necessarily predestined to Hell.  However, they are born with the blood of Asmodeus flowing through them, meaning at any point they could tap into that magic.  

Asmodeans who know what and who they are wear pieces to identify themselves.  This piece also holds in it great powers-- the very birthright and power of being an Asmodean.  We got this piece from a private source, who captured an Asmodean and stole his magic.  This was done probably with power wards or containments spells.  I have no idea what he did with the Asmodean, but I guess what goes around comes around.  It's irony at its best.  

In the meantime, this piece holds the power of the Satanic Crown.  It's a crocodilian bracelet that has long been the symbol of the Asmodean lineage.  They were gifted the power of the Satanic Crown centuries ago.  Now here is where things get cloudy.  The Satanic Crown was technically the Luciferian Crown before he fell from Heaven.  Having said that, this piece holds the power of this crown and will allow you to access this power either from a stance of dark magic, light magic, or (if you are feeling bipolar) both.  

The crown symbolizes knowledge and that is what you are going to get when using this piece.  Either you will latch on to all things white light or latch on to all things dark.  You will feed off of that energy.  You will be able to see the universe through either the eyes of God or the eyes of Lucifer.  Which you choose depends on which direction you go with the piece.  

You will either have a dark orientation or a true white light orientation.  Either way, it will give you the living knowledge of who you choose.  It will allow you to know their power, their presence, and their magic.  It will allow you to create your own magic using the origins of their power.  It will allow you actively visit and summon entities from whichever side you choose, embracing the powers of those entities and the magic that they offer.  

Either way, you choose to use this piece, what it offers and the knowledge you will receive is very powerful and invaluable.  Of course, we hope you would choose this piece for its white light abilities, but we cannot dictate how you use it once the piece is yours.  
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