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The Scrying bowl of Paracelsus

The Scrying bowl of Paracelsus

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Was he a madman or was he a 
man of unconventional wisdom? We happen to think the latter, but only because we have this piece of his very finest magic to back up his claims. We are talking about the legendary Paracelsus. He was underestimated in his time, but like all the greats, his worth didn’t seem to take foot until well after his death. For instance, it was he who introduced the use of laudanum during surgeries. However, the knowledge that Paracelsus left behind that we are interested in has nothing to do with his medicinal chemical abilities. Nor are we interested in his physical alchemy and metallurgy that could turn common base metals into gold. Rather we are interested in Paraclesus’ alchemy of the soul and how he was able to connect with the divine in an extremely unconventional way.  

To understand how this piece works, you must first understand the mind of the man. Paracelsus was a man-- ahead of his time-- who bridged the old world with the new. He saw life through a different scope than others. He believes in magic, the occult, religion, and alchemy. He was an occultist, sure. He wasn’t the devil-worshipping Heathen that everyone made him out to be.  

You see, he believed that the mystery of nature was the mystery of God and that what most people would declare to be heretical were how God has given us to solve these mysteries. He built his career around attempting to understand what he called the “Lumen Naturae.” This is the light force of nature, the very essence of God, and the building block upon which all things in the universe were b

Paracelsus surmised that to understand how life has been built, one must first understand the foundation upon which is it has been built. The driving force behind how it was build was the Lumen Naturae, but the method behind the construction was something called sacred geometry. This geometry is quite apparent in our universe if you take a better look at the way things move. Orbits move like atoms. There have been studies that suggest that energies found in the universe are early identical to plasma found in the brain. Building blocks repeat themselves, so the basics to understanding the mysteries of the universe, God’s mysteries is to understand first Sacred Geometry and the understand how Lumen Naturae, the life essence, is used to bring the sacred geometry to life.

That’s what this piece is all about. It is the Scrying Bowl of Paracelsus. Sure it is a little more updated than when he first used it hundreds of years ago. The bowl itself has undergone several transformations, updating its look, but also preserving its power and magic. The magic of this bowl comes through a special bond that Paracelsus had with the divine. I will allow you to define divine as you will, but I believe it to be God. Others might believe something else. Whatever the case may be Paracelsus was able to bod with it and the knowledge of the natural universe became his. He sought to replicate this knowledge and that is how he ended up created the scrying bowl. The first scrying bowl that he created was created out of stones that he reportedly traveled to the gates of Eden to retrieve.

These days the bowl looks quite a bit different. You can see what it looks like in the picture. At the very bottom of this bowl is a version of the Flower of Life. , which symbolizes the building block of life-- Lumen Naturae. This bowl is fairly easy to use, but you will need to produce blood to use it. You don’t need much at all, just a pinprick really, the ad you will be off to understanding things about the universe and knowing things you never knew before.

First and foremost you will fill the bowl with water. You wl prick your finger and allow the blood to drop into the bowl. Your blood will be transformed into the Lumen Naturae and the wisdom of sacred geometry will become yours. You will see life through a prism of divine light. Through this prism, you will know the truth about our existence. You will be adjoined to the Creator. His knowledge will become your knowledge. Secrets of the universe that have never before been revealed to mortals until this scrying bowl was created will be revealed to you. Secret forms of magic. Secret types of ascendance, Secret types of transformational powers and energies following sacred geometry and alchemy, will also be revealed to you.  

This piece can also be used personally as the bowl is a living organism and can connect with you when you give just a drop of blood. You will be able to tell the bowl to show you anything you want to know. This could be the bowl showing a different place, a different place in time, a different plane of reality, a different existence of sorts, a power, magic, a soul, a spirit, another form of reality, etc. Whatever it is you want to experience and/or know will be yours with this pi
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