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The Seal of Sandalphon

The Seal of Sandalphon

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If there is a secret society that we haven't really talked about over the years it's the FHC Secret Society of William and Mary College.  The reason we don't talk much about the society is that it was very secretive and supposedly no longer exists.  Thomas Jefferson was famously a member of the FHC society, which stands for Fraternitas, Humanitas, et Cognitio-- meaning brotherhood, humaneness, and secrecy.  It is believed that the original FHC disbanded after the British invasion of Virginia because they didn't survive.  

It is believed that the group was reformed in 1916 as the Flat Hat Club.  I'm not saying it wasn't.  What I'm saying is that they might think that the Flat Hat Club was a reinstatement of the FHC Society, but the society didn't need reinstating because it never dissolved.  It simply went deeper underground.  What had started as a society based on faith-building and fellowship in Christ turned into something more serious when the British invaded.  

In a frantic. last-ditch effort to defeat the British during their Yorktown Campaign, the FHC Society turned to unconventional means in order to get things done.  They joined forces with local Masons, who gave them the ability to be able to summon an angel of Kabbalah known as Sandalphon.  Sandalphon is related to Metatron.   He is a warrior angel and is also the angel of wishes fulfilled.  Hence the reason why the masons gave the ability to summon the angel to the FHC Society.  They needed to win and if there was anybody or entity that would help them defeat the British are was Sandalphon.  

Ever since then the society has continued in super secrecy.  Thomas Jefferson also knew that and was a member of the society until the day he died.  His speech about "fond memories" of the FHC Society was a cover-up to make people believe that the society didn't really exist any longer.  The reason for the society's newfound extreme secrecy was simple.  They knew that their access to Sandalphon was a great assess to a fledgling America.  However, they also knew that in the wrong hands, the magic that they were given could potentially destroy the world.  

They continued in secret and they exist in secret to this day.  The FHC Society is still made up of members of William and Mary college students, which is one of the most exclusive colleges and the second oldest educational institution in America.  It is a breeding ground for people who will go on to become leaders in science, medicine, government, and other powerful social institutions. It is also the pool of students from where the future members of FHC come from.  

Becoming a member of the FHC is no small feat.  First, the members are selected and then kidnapped.  They are taken to a place where the secrets of the FHC SOciety, including their ties to the Masons and Sandalphon, are revealed.  If they agree to become part of the society they move on. If they don't their memories are erased and they know nothing.  

If they choose to become members, they are taken to a baptismal font where they receive a baptism of blood.  This blood is said to be the real blood of Christ.  It is used to purify the souls of those joining in order to receive divinity and sanctification of the soul.  They are then elevated through the 33 degrees of divine Freemasonry, given a connection to the universe and taught the way of Sandalphon.

The Society has never disbanded, they simply went underground.  They still control Sandalphon and have deployed his magic in many different instances.  For one, he has helped win wars.  He has helped the United States become a superpower.  He has helped the United States because of a wealth of land.  There have also been behind-the-scenes battles that he has helped with, such as forces of evil attempting to overtake the government, although in recent years the angel has seemed to back off on those battles simply because the evil forces are needed to usher in Satans years of darkness.  

The bottom line is Sandalphon is a warrior angel and he is a fulfiller of wishes.  You can access his power with this piece and he will give you want.  He is a top-tier archangel that rivals the powers of Metatron and Michael.  He shares the authority of God's voice and can give you what you ask for.  He will also help you fight whatever battles you have in life, along with dispelling evil and darkness from your life.  

This piece is an antique and was first made by the FHC Society.  On the bottom of this stamp is a secret word, written in a sacred language understood by God and the angels.  You will use this as a wax seal.  You will write down on paper what your requests for Sandalphon are.  You will then light a candle, drip the wax onto the paper, and create the Seal of Sandalphon.  The writing on the seal comes from a secret and sacred alphabet.  While it may resemble text found on Earth, it means something else entirely.  It is Sandalphon's sacred passphrase that allows you to access his Divine Magic.

The angel has the ability to alter reality, change destiny, create magic, grant you magic, grant you miracles, grant wishes, allow you to travel to Heaven, allow you to summon other angels, etc
  He will allow to to transcend into the realms of the Firmament to learn the magic of the cosmic life force.  He will also allow you ascend into Heaven in your soul form where you will fall at the foot of God's throne.  You wi be able to enter they great crystal pyramid, the Ark of the Covenant, drink from the Holy Grail, etc..  This piece is in the shape of an anchor because when you own this piece you are anchored in the hope and the magic of God through his archangel Sandalphon.
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