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The Secret Knowledge of Solomon's Temple, the Very Essence of Life

The Secret Knowledge of Solomon's Temple, the Very Essence of Life

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    This piece is a rare find. It is definitely one-of-a-kind. We say that about a lot of our items because many of them are truly rare pieces; however, this piece is exceptionally rare and I will tell you why. The ring is made with sterling, genuine stones, and real gold. The real gold that this piece was made with? It comes from the gold that was hidden at the real location of Solomon's Mines, in Africa.

    For those of you who didn't know, King Solomon was a huge fan of all things magic. That includes the religious magic that he received from God. It also includes the likes of Kabbalah, Alchemy, Hermetic magic, and even dark magic. He didn't discriminate when it came to magic. He loved it all.

    What most of you do not know is that King Solomon was also obsessed with ancient pyramids. King Solomon's temple held a direct correlation to the pyramids. During his travels, he frequented Egypt where he was able to find out that the numerical value of lifeforce energy is none other than the number Pi. Pi is 3.14 rounded to two decimals. This is obviously the number of the Holy Trinity. It's also the number of pyramids in Giza.

    Pi is the universal and infinite number of a circle. It is the essence of immortal and eternal life. It is also the sacred numeric value of the essence of life upon which all life has been built. Understanding the Pi means the ability to understand time and existence itself. Along with that existence comes the knowledge of all magic. This is why Solomon was obsessed with the pyramids in the first. They revealed the secrets of Pi.

    while it is not well-documented, Solomon also stayed a night in the pyramids, just as Napoleon did many years later. I'm not 100% certain, but I hypothesize that Napoleon borrowed the idea from Solomon. The difference? Solomon was God's chosen king, His golden child if you will. Napoleon saw something horrible and drastic. King Solomon was greeted by the manifestation of the Holy Spirit in human form. The Holy Spirit made King Solomon aware of the essence of life-- 3.14-- and how he could use it to build his own temple.

    Here are a few facts that you should know. Solomons Temple was finished in 962 BC. From 962 BC until 2016 AD there were 3,024 years. These years each have 360 days when averaged out. The Great Pyramid is 3,024 feet around its base. Divide that by three and the result is 1008, the same as if you would subtract 2016 from 3,024.

    The year 2016 is the year 5776 on the Jewish Calendar. The Great Pyramid is 5776 inches tall. Divine this by the holy number 12 (to calculate the number of feet high) and you will arrive at 481.3. Double that number and you wind up with 962-- the years in which King Solomon's Temple was completed.

    Here's the kicker. The Masonic Lodges of the world seem to be onto something here. America was founded in 1776. On the dollar bill is the pyramid and the all-seeing eye of God. the year 1776 is really the years 5776 on the Freemasons esoteric year of light calendar that adds 4,000 years to the current Gregorian year. Back to the Jewish calendar, which adds 3,760 years to the current Gregorian year. The year 5776 would have also pointed to 2016, which corresponds to the pyramid and King Solomon's Temple, as pointed out earlier.

    Because 1776, the year of the founding of the Great Masonic Empire, as witnessed by the construction of Washington D.C., it is intriguing to note that the number of Great Pyramid is 237 miles from the Temple Mount. When you add 237 to 1776 you come up with 2013. This year is the first full year after the planetary alignment. We have told you numerous times that the planetary alignment was the opening of a gateway of energy and magic that would lead us to the beginning of the end and ultimately the second coming of Christ.

    Now, from the beginning of 2013 until the ending of 2016 there are four full years. The number Pi, plus 1 is 4.13. Four can be broken down into 1+3 as a number cluster in the Jewish aleph-bet that signifies the completion of God's plan. This can be found in the Bible in Amos chapter 1 and Daniel chapter 7, verse 25. It is also interesting to note that 2016 is the Jewish year 5773. Those numbers represent protection, creation, more creation, and the Holy Trinity and the essence of life.

    Now, you can go ahead and fact-check all of this if you want to, but I've done my research. I know what I'm talking about The temple and pyramids share a common bond that was revealed to King Solomon by the Holy Spirit during a stay in the pyramids in prehistoric, Biblical times. There are a ton of other meanings to the numbers that I've just given you. Trust me when I tell you that was a lot of information, but it was only the tip of the iceberg.

    The planets and their orbits were set into place by the hand of God. The knowledge of God's divine plan has been written in the Cosmos and we've demonstrated that to you many times before. In 2012 there was a cosmological alignment that opened up a gate. Could it have been the first seal? Maybe the first trumpet? I don't know, but it was something. It set God's plan into motion. In 2016 another great awakening took place, which is why all the numerical codes I gave you, along with the essence of life point to that year. It was another four years until the Great Plague of 2020. Coincidence? The Bible calls for pestilence such as this.

    Not to brag and say that we are part of the plan or anything, but it was also in 2016 when we first received this piece and we have been working with it ever since. It was in 2016 that a Great Revelation was to take to place. We believe that the Great Revelation was this piece, which was brought to us by destiny so that we could pass it along. We got this piece by means of an investigation and we were instructed on what price to charge for it. This piece has a great discernment about it and will only go to somebody who is compatible with the piece and that person will have the means to pay what we are asking.

    The piece is a revelatory piece that will grant the person who wears it the power of the number Pi, which is 3.14. This is the power of the fulfillment of God's plan. It is the knowledge of all things holy and divine. It is the knowledge of the magic of the Great Pyramid. It is the knowledge of the Solomonic Temple. It is the knowledge of the codes and metaphors that were written in the Bible. This piece gives you power over time. It gives you power over existence. It reveals the building blocks of life and knowledge and magic to you.

    This piece is the Great Seal of Solomon, but in particular, this piece is the Great Key of Solomonic Knowledge. That's is because Solomon put the essence of his own spirit into the gold that he hid in his mines. He did this with an alchemy spell, so that way whoever was able to crack the secret code and reveal this piece could properly understand what it was that was being revealed to them.

    With God all things are possible. This piece holds his number of life, so with this piece, all things are possible. You hold the very essence of existence in your hands. You can create any magic you want. You gain immortality in the flesh. You can dictate outcomes and alter destiny. You will be given the magic of the Cosmos. You will become a master over the chaos magic out of which God was born. Everything and anything you've ever wanted to know will be revealed to you.

    You will gain access to the three forefathers and the four matriarchs that were sent to Earth by God to carry the bloodline of Christ. You will be given the knowledge of each capstone of each pyramid in Giza. This is just a huge conglomeration of the most powerful and potent type of revelatory magic that you will ever find. That is why I said this piece is rare. You will not find another piece like it. This I can guarantee you. We do not have another one, we cannot get another one.

    It is also interesting to note that the magic in this piece was the magic that allowed Solomon to build the temple. The temple was admittedly destroyed later on, but this was to fulfill divine prophecy dealing with the punishment of a corrupt Israel and the rebuilding of the Temple to signify the return of God. From what we know, the construction of the Third Temple is not far off. This ring will give you the power to know all the answers you need to know in regards to the End of Times, prophecies, etc.

    The piece was created by a secret society called the Sons of Solomon. We've worked wih them before and have offered pieces that we have received thanks to them. This time the piece is a whole new ball game and is, quite frankly, a piece for the ages!

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