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The Secret Tablets of Kali

The Secret Tablets of Kali

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These are heavy metal cufflinks that hold heavy-duty magic.  

Sometimes history gets things right.  For the most part, things are wrong.  Facts are either messed up altogether or entire parts of history are missing.  Such is the case with the goddess Kali.  Kali has been called the Great Destroyer and the goddess of death.  I won't deny the fact that she is both of those things, but there is so much more depth to the goddess than what she gets credit for.  The fact is that truly she was created as a ferocious goddess because she was given another role.  It is a role that people don't want to know her for simply because they fear the mysterious Kali as the one that could end it all for them.  

However, the fact is that kali is more than just a goddess of death and destruction.  She has an entire collection of knowledge that has been carved and recorded called the Tablets of Kali.  These tablets are the recording of all magic that has ever been created or practiced on Earth.  This includes anything from Vedic Magic to Viking magic.  It includes Celtic Magic and Norse Magic.  It includes Mayan Magic and Atlantean Magic.  It includes ancient Egyptian magic, Shogun Magic, Lemurian Magic, so on and so forth.  The tablets are self-carving, but Kali, who is powerful, was selected as the guardian goddess of the tablets and they were named after her.  

What you are getting is a set of cufflinks.  One is red one is silver, they both picture Kali on them.  The red Kali is for dark magic.  The silver Kali is for white magic.  When you use these cufflinks you will be able to summon the goddess Kali forth.  She will act as your aid and your liaison into the world of magic, in which she is obviously well-versed.  The knowledge of the tablets exists within her core being and she has the ability to manifest any of the magic that is written on the tablets.  Thus, she also has the ability to grant you any of it.  

When using this piece you can call upon Kali to grant you the white or the dark magic that you want.  There is nothing out of bounds, as all magic has been recorded on her tablets.  All you have to do is first wear these pieces for no less than 14 days to establish a connection with Kali who will grant you the magic that you ask her for.  She is also still the destroyer and as such will destroy obstacles that stand in your way of greatness-- whatever that means to you!
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