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The Sethians

The Sethians

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In the 7th century, the Egyptians possessed a book of magic believed to be the most potent of its kind. This information was preserved in a book they referred to as the codex. This book housed some of the most peculiar spells, many of which remain useful to this day. Given the tumult of the world, perhaps we could all benefit from a spell to halt the poisoning of the mind! While this all sounds intriguing, the most fascinating part lies in the invocations. There's an invocation for summoning Jesus, and not just him! There are also invocations designed to recreate the miracles Jesus performed. You can investigate this further; it’s incredibly potent, beyond powerful!

During the 7th and 8th centuries, and perhaps even longer, many of the Egyptian populace were Christians. Those who delved into the magical and miraculous world of Christ, practicing from the codex, were identified as Sethians.

The Sethians were practitioners of intense magic, which was real! They only required the invocation or entity to summon. One such name is Baktiotha, believed to control a realm of serpent beings who appeared human. Doesn't this sound familiar?

The Sethians are descendants of Adam and Eve, as Seth was their third son. Seth was referred to as Christ on Earth because he had mastered the magic, the language, and God had bestowed upon him a specialty. This specialty granted him everything he needed to communicate with all of God's creatures.

The power in this piece is astonishing. I have a similar one that looks like this but functions differently.

I can tell you that if you possess certain qualities, you may be able to witness the Sethian realm when you don this item.

There is no magic like it, and you won't find another like it. This piece is made of 14k gold and real stones. Each stone represents and retains the various powers of the Codex. Most importantly, the specialty is conferred upon you for eternity, which is why it is a genuine gold ring.

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