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The Shmita, the Stone of Levi, the Year 5782, the Shaviita and What It All Means

The Shmita, the Stone of Levi, the Year 5782, the Shaviita and What It All Means

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This beautiful, powerful piece is sterling silver and Ethiopian Opal. It's a rare find!

You're going to want this piece. We know this because we even made a copy of it for ourselves to keep. It is a revelatory piece that embraces the messages that God has given us through his creation as something as simple as numbers and the New Year. Of course, I'm talking about Rash Hashana, the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah. To fully understand the experience I had and the revelation that is given in the sacred numerology of the New Year, you have to first understand that Jewish New Year.

While the world at large has its own way of doing things, the Hebrew calendar is currently in the year 5782. I don't claim to be an expert at these things, but that's quite a bit more time than what the modern conception of time dictates. To some people that numerology of the year that we are on might be meaningless. I mean, it's just another year, right? Well, no. Not exactly.

You see, the calendar that we live by is not Semitic, so therefore it bears little significance. However, existence, as it was written by God, holds great truth. I know that it does because I had a supernatural and out-of-body experience a few weeks ago that exemplifies that even in the simplest things, such as the number of the year, God is present.

let's first begin by pointing out that the 5,782 is the Seventh year of the Shmita Cycle. The Shmita cycle was an agricultural cycle of the land in ancient Israel, but it also affect the human soul. It is a cycle of seven, just like our weeks are a cycle of seven. Ergo, the seventh year of the Shmita called the shavi'it or sabbatical year is a time to rest and reflect.

Apply this to the human soul and reflection begins to take form as messages from God as to what to expect for the coming age of seven years. This is where I will begin to tell you about what I saw when I had my OBE experience a few weeks ago. I was sleeping, when I was awakened by a radiant light shining in my room. It kind of gave me PTSD because of that time that I involuntarily received my transformation. But hey, sometimes you just go with it.

I came to find out that this time the being in my room was David, God's chosen King. He wore a white robe with a golden crown with twelve stone embedded into it, one for each of the nations of Israel. I won't bore you with the dialog that ensued, but I'll get straight to the point. David anchored my body with a spiritual ward spell. He pulled my soul out of my body and took me to the Crystal Pyramid.

Of course, we went to the Crystal Pyramid. Where else would we have found ourselves? This time he guided me to a chamber. Inside of this chamber was a scroll. On the scroll was the Seal of God, but also stamped into the seal of God were the numbers 5782. By David's command, I broke the seal and opened the scroll. Words began to dance across the scroll as I unrolled it, but there were those five numbers again-- 5782.

This time, the numbers began to make sense to me as David showed me that the Jewish New Year that was about to be embarked upon was the same number as the number that was shown to men. And so, everything began to make sense in my mind. It was at this point David became stern with me and instructed me to open my mind and see the numbers with my mind. I traced my finger over them and then I began to have a psychic connection to the meaning.

For those of you who don't know much about ancient Hebrew, numbers were used as numerical values as well. These pictograms also have additional meanings, but I'll get into that in just a bit. As I traced the number with my finger, God through David, began to show me a vision. It was a vision that taught me about the spiritual and numerical value of the new year that we just entered into.

Another thing to note is that Jewish words are written left to right, so in actuality, I was being shown the numbers 2875, in that particular order. The first number of the sequence is the Jewish letter (I know what I said, read back a bit if you are confused) is the Jewish Letter Bet. This letter corresponds to the notion or idea of a home or a house.

As my finger traced the letter bet, I was shown God's house. Of course, his house is a metaphor for Heaven. In it were all the angels and all of the Heaven host. They were preparing for a celebration. Incense was burning in the temples of Heaven and the saints and patriarchs were having feasts at long tables. Then I saw as the house fell from the Heavens and was placed upon Earth. Out of the Heavens marched all of these beings and went forth with yells of jubilation.

As my finger traced over the next number/letter, known as Pe, I was shown something else. Pe means mouth and in this respect, it means the telling of the divine truth. You see, it is the Sabbatical year, the year of reflection. In reflection hides the truth and God's warriors have come to Earth to spread the truth. The truth is a great awakening that will only be received by those whose hearts have not been hardened and by those who are willing to receive it.

My finger continued onto the letter Shin, which represents the notion of a change or a return. As I have just pointed out, this is the return of Godly and Divine Knowledge upon the Earth. God's "house" will be seated here and there will be a great change, a great awakening of the people. Their hearts will change and the harvest of souls will begin. God will give those who have been steadfast a chance to receive his benediction in this year of Shaviit, before the times of Darkness fall upon the Earth.

Finally, I traced my finger over the final letter n the sequence, which stands for truth, the showing of signs, and life or death. Appropriately, Tav is not only the ending number of this year, which is the ending of the Shmita Cycle, but it is also the final letter of the Hebrew alphabet. The truth is coming. Those who receive the truth-- the Awakening-- will be shown great signs of the times to comes. They will be given new life and they will be welcomes among the Heavenly Host. They will share in the inheritance, which is white light and divine magic, miracles, closeness to God, healing, eternal youth, jubilation, and the ability to live in the House of the Lord. It is the ability to see with the Eye of Providence, to gain all wisdom, and to become ethereal and omnipresent in your existence.

Those who don't choose life will choose death. With all signs pointing to "the End", it can only be assumed that the Great Darkness, discussed in the Book of Revelation will ensue. The question is-- do you want to receive the Great Awakening or do you want to be left behind to be consumed by the darkness.

It is interesting to observe that if we add the numbers 5, 7, 8, and 2 the total is 22. If you then add those two numbers together, the total is 4. Four in Hebrew is called the Dalet. Dalet represents lowliness and the consciousness of possessing nothing of your own. As a doorway, Dalet represents the choice to follow our dreams and receive our desires or close ourselves off and alienate ourselves. The corner point of the Hebrew pictogram Dalet represents bitul or a spiritual self-nullification. It is the doorway to God. Bitul leads to something called devekut, which is described as cleaving to God's presence. Folks, it's written in the numbers. There's nothing else to say about it.

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