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The Soul of the Earth, The Universe Lives

The Soul of the Earth, The Universe Lives

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Dee Dee

This piece is very old. It is stamped And verified .925 silver. It has beautiful red stone. It host powers that will amaze You!

I want you to stop and take a look at the world universe. To understand what this word really means you have to break it down. Universe comes from the ancient Latin word Universus. This word is, in turn, comprised of two of its own words: uni, meaning one, and versus meaning turn. As suich, the word universe means combined into one or whole.

As humans, we are very near-sighted. We only believe in things that we can see with our eyes. We have a tendency to think of things only in terms that our small minds can comprehend. I don’t mean everyone, I’m speaking in terms of generality. One of those things that humans think they have figured out is the concept of life.

As humans we believe that only things that are visibly animated are alive. This is not true. I mean, I’d wager to agree that everyone would agree that plants are alive. However, when it comes to inanimate things such as rocks or water, or something along those lines, things might start to get murky.

The fact is that we are all connected to the same systematic universe. It is a giant reality that is created by the energies that are emitted from the center of the universe outward. So far, humanity has not been able to accurately identify where the center of the universe is located. I’m just illustrating that we don’t know all that we think we do. The life-giving energy of the universe that we live in doesn’t just apply to objects and organisms the way we logically see them.

For instance, the Earth is also living and it has a soul. It’s soul is ancient, It would obviously have to be old, the work is billions of years old. For these billions of years and for billions of years to come, the soul of the Earth has been provided things that humanity needs. We have air to breath that is produced by Earth’s atmosphere. We have water to drink, which is filtered by the Earth’s process of evaporation. We are given plants for energy and food. We are trees and other things to create shelter for ourselves.

The Earth is one step in the system of the universe being one organism, a whole organism that is united by a common energy and life force.

This piece holds a fragment of the world’s soul. Despite the fact that it is only a fragment, this piece is excessively powerful. It is the soul of the world that has provided for us and it is the soul of the world that will continue to provide for us. When you own this piece you will be able to use it materialize your own wants and desires. Whether this is wealth, fame, athletic ability, increased intelligence, or something else, you will be able to manifest whatever reality you desire to live in.

That’s just the beginning though. The soul of the world, as well as our own, are all entrenched in a system that works together. When you own this piece you will be connected to Cosmos. You gain access to the Cosmic Brain, which is hub of knowledge that comes from across the universe. It is a living knowledge form that has the ability to pump knowledge into your mind like the heart pumps blood through your veins.

When you are connected to the Cosmos, the live-giving energy of the universe, you will be able to acquire any knowledge or magic that want. This includes just about anything that you can think of. It will reveal the truths of the universe to you. It will answer any of your questions. There is no limit to what you will be able to know, because its knowledge is universal, and to come full circle universe means all-encompassing. You will receive all-encompassing knowledge and magic. You will be able to bring this to life in your reality in any way shape or fashion you want to.

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