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The Soul Star and the Akashic Record

The Soul Star and the Akashic Record

SKU: 1042156


This is a piece that comes from a modern-day yogi compound in India. They practice the same magic that the ancient yogis used to practice and they are highly in tune with ancient Vedic magic. While they prefer to live their lives like monks-- in seclusion with days filled with meditation-- you don't have to live that way simply to be able to access this ancient Vedic magic.

This piece allows you to master the power and the magic of your 8th Chakra. The Chakra is also known as the soul star because it is the chakra that connects you to the universe.

The Soul Star can open up portals to other dimensions. It is the portal to divine beings. It is also the gateway to the Akashic Record. While there isn't much of a backstory to this piece, I want you to sit and think about how powerful this magic is.

As the portal to other dimensions, we have used this piece to gain access to places such as Atlantis, Heaven, the Garden of Eden. Valhalla, Aaru, and other divine dimensions where transcendence and acquisitions of knowledge and power are not only possible but common.

The second way this piece can be used is to reach out to the souls and spirits of the deceased. If a person is deceased, this piece will call out to them. I don't care if they are in Heaven, Hell, Purgatory, stranded in between, or somewhere else. The soul will be found and they will be brought forward to you.

Finally, this piece grants you access to the Akashic Record. Do you even know how exclusive that is? The Akashic Record is essentially the Book of Life for the universe and all of existence. It has recorded its story since the beginning of time. All things are in the book-- all magic, all knowledge, all power, all everything is recorded in the Akashic Record. You will have access to that record and to that hidden knowledge. What more could you ask for?

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