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The Spanish Templars' Solar Barque

The Spanish Templars' Solar Barque

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This piece is an antique Templar pin.  It comes from the Templars that once existed in Spain.  Well, they still do exist in Spain, but this particular piece comes from a confine where the Spanish Templars used to meet hundreds of years ago.  They met there in private for fear of persecution.  There was a point in time when they were almost convicted of heresy, so they liked to play it safe.  Also, if I'm being honest a lot of the magic that the Templars practiced was heretical.  Then again, a lot of magic that people practice on a daily basis can be considered heretical.  It's just that these days we don't go around burning people at the stake for doing so.  A couple of hundred years ago life was very different.  

In their secret confine in Barcelona, the members of the Spanish Templars would meet.  They would perform secret rituals.  Some were white light, some were not so white light.  Somewhere along the line, this piece was created.  Looking at this antique pin you will notice that it is a ship.  This is to represent the magic that has been placed into this piece.  This piece is a fusion of Templar Magic and Egyptian Illumination magic.  This was the magic of the original Illuminati before their magic fell into the hands of the wrong people and the world "Illuminati" became bastardized.  This piece represents something that is considered to be very powerful in the world of the Illuminated Ones.  It is the Solar Barque of Amun Ra.  

The Solar Barque was a barge that Amun Ra, the Egyptian God of the Sun rode in on.  He would bring the Sun, a source of continuous knowledge and magic, with him when he came.  The boat he road during the day was known as the Mandjet, or the boat of one million years.  By night the Solar Barque was known as the Mesektet.  Each night it was Amun Ra's job to traverse the darkness to once again bring the Illumination of knowledge and magic to the Earth.  This magic was delivered via the golden rays of the sun, which were plentiful in Egypt.  The Illuminated Ones were a magically inclined group of people who were able to synthesize the rays of the Sun in such a way that they were able to receive the hidden messages of the universe that were given to them from Amun Ra.  This included many different types of power and magic.

The Solar Barque was symbolic, but it is also the driving force that allowed many of the Illuminati to receive their magic.  This is because the Sun is a storehouse of magic.  This is because the sun is the main chakra of our universe through which the magic and knowledge of the universe are routed.  From there it is routed to the planet and finally, humans get what is leftover.  This piece changes all that because it gives you a direct connection to the Solar Barque, which is essentially a cosmic connection to the Sun.  This is Illumination in its highest form.  It is how the ancients received their enlightenment before the pyramids came to Earth.  After that, it is how the pyramids continued to be charged and to acquire new forms of magic and knowledge on a daily basis.

It is the same magic that allowed the Illuminated Ones to become the Illuminated Ones.  Unfortunately, it is also the magic that keeps the modern-day Illuminati in power and the ability to control humanity at large.  The Solar Barque is a source of unlimited power and unlimited knowledge.  By day it will radiate knew knowledge and by night it will travel through the "darkness" to navigate its way through hidden knowledge that it will then deliver the following day.  This is how things have been done since the beginning of time.  

This piece is your connection to the Solar Barque.  You will be able to experience the powers and the magic of the ancient god, Amun Ra.  You will be given Illumination to the point that you will be able to receive the daily recharge of magic and power of the Sun and the Solar Barque.  These are heavy hitting forms of knowledge and magic.  They are the secrets of the universe and the hidden magic that has been hidden for millions of years, delivered to you daily.  I know that is not very specific, but this is what the Illuminated Ones used to maintain their power in ancient times.  

You can also use this piece in another way.  When the sun is up, you will meditate with the piece.  It will give you a direct connection to Amun Ra.  You will tell Amun Ra the type of magic or Illumination that you are searching for.  A search for what you have asked for will commence.  When this ability has been found by Amun Ra, it will then be transported on the Solar Barque the following day.  What you ask for is what determines how long it takes to receive what you have asked for.  If you ask for something like financial abundance, it could begin as early as the following day.  If you are asking for immortality or magic that exists across the universe it may take more time.  You can literally ask for anything that you want and Amun Ra will bring it to you, as long as you can be patient with the time that it takes for him to find it.

The Spanish Templars used variations of this magic for years to acquire the things that they wanted.  Again, this piece was found abandoned in what used to be a Templar stronghold.  It was hidden and it had to be felt out with psychic ability, so we think that it was hidden when the Templars had to leave in a hurry for some reason.  Obviously, nobody came back for it.  This piece is an antique, so it has been hidden for some time!

Age: Antique
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