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The Speaking Bowl

The Speaking Bowl

SKU: 9122101


This piece was made from ritual silver. This ritual silver is solid sterling silver that was infused with the blood of a witch called the Ancient of Days. This is simply to signify that she has been around since before time on Earth was ever created. She was a primordial lifeform that existed on Earth before God began his makeover, creating what we know to be the Earth today.

In her primordial form, she is nothing but pure spiritual energy, she was birthed from an anomaly in the Cosmic Band. When she is in the flesh, she takes the form of a young beautiful woman with jet black hair and green eyes. She doesn't have a known name, hence other witches simply call her the Ancient of Days. According to our sources-- and we've asked around-- she is the most powerful witch to exist on the face of Earth. She is also the oldest.

She hand-created this piece, which is called the Speaking Bowl. It holds the Ancient of Day's power of materialization. This means that she can materialize any thought-form or verbalization into reality. Hence this bowl is called the speaking bowl. You can use it with a tea light candle or you can use it with incense. The choice is yours. However, you will make the offering-- either of flame or incense-- and as you are making it you will speak out loud what it is you want.

Either the flame or the smoke from the incense will send your request out into the universe where it will be received by the Ancient of days and granted. She created this piece for a witch that was meant to be her successor, but that witch went rogue. That is why the silver has been made with drops of her own blood. This piece is blood bound to the ancient of days and since she originally intended to live out her legacy through the witch that succeeded her, she is contractually obligated to do what you ask of her by the laws of the universe.

Of course, she could refuse if she really wanted, but then her powers would begin to wane and she definitely doesn't want that.

This piece is powerful. It can manifest destinies. It can throw curses and hexes. It can cast spells on your behalf. It will allow you to astral travel and it will give you a full psychic awakening. It will allow you to see into the past and the present within your mind. TI will open up portals and gateways to new dimensions. IT will help you create new powers and abilities or call upon those that already exist. This is just what we were able to accomplish using the Speaking Bowl, so I'm sure it does even more than that!

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