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The Speaking Mouth of Fate

The Speaking Mouth of Fate

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This is a very beautiful, vintage piece. If you follow the news at all you will see that there were just a whole bunch of relics and such returned to the government of Afghanistan. They were hi-jacked and trafficked. They were being sold on a black market and evidently, some of them were found in New York City in the possession of somebody who does this regularly. There is a whole underground network of criminals who traffick relics and other stuff. We do have our hand in that and we don't condone that. Fortunately, this time, all of the pieces that were taken were found and returned, to tell the story of Afghanistan's past. However, they were not returned before the traffickers were able to capitalize on the magic that some of the pieces boasted. You see, the traffickers are not dumb to the fact that some of the pieces contain magical powers. In this instance, the magical power of the Afghani pieces that were returned was first drawn out. This allows them to keep the magic, but make sure the relic goes back to where it belongs. Well, actually they usually keep the relics, but if they do end up getting caught, they will always have a backup. This is one of those "back up" pieces. It was sent to us from a source that wishes to remain anonymous simply due to the nature of his item. I mean, his item wasn't trafficked, but it was made with one that was. It holds a presence that we simply call the Mouth of Fate. We aren't really sure what kind of presence or entity the Mouth of Fate is. It is kind of like a djinn because it will grant you everything that you ask for. Although, it's on a more personal level because the entity actually will care about you and want to see you do well in life and achieve your dreams and successes. This entity is an ancient being that served the ancient people of the land of Avagana and the Sassanid Empire. The entity comes from the Cosmos and was first summoned by the leaders of the Sassanid Empire by Varaha Mahira who was a renowned sorcerer and astronomer of the time. He called forth the Mouth of Fate for the ancient peoples of Avana. The Mouth of Fate is pure cosmic energy in the form of an entity that will take a familiar form when it presents itself to you. The Mouth of Fate has one purpose and one purpose only-- to create fate and destiny. This can also mean to alter current fates and/or destinies, circumstances, outcomes, and your ability to achieve success. Along with this comes the removal of all things in your path, all hurdles, all obstacles. we received this piece, so now we are passing it on. when you use this piece you can dictate and shape your own destiny and future. This is done with cosmic energies and the way the Mouth of Fate alters them to deliver what you want and/or need. You can use this piece not only to alter your own fate but to alter the fate of your household and even those in it. This piece can bring just about anything that you want to the table. It will and cannot grant immortality, though. When using this piece you will develop a connection to the entity and then tell it what you want. The entity will then open its mouth and speak it into existence.

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