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The Spirit of Azoth

The Spirit of Azoth

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The theme for tonight might seem like it could be the magic of Paracelsus, but when you have magic that is this potent and powerful you have to share it!  We were considering keeping this piece for ourselves, having first shared the other Paracelsus item already.  However, these two items are two different types of items.  

This piece has been created using the powers of Paracelsus’ longsword.  It was a German Longsword that Paracelsus affectionately named Azoth.  To people of the time, it was uncertain why Paracelsus carried this longsword with him, especially since it was four feet long.  It was fashionable for doctors of the day to wear daggers on their belt and Paracelsus had gained a number of enemies along the way, but the sword seemed to be a bit much.  

The truth of the matter is that inside of the handle of Azoth, Paraclesus’ familiar was kept.  The familiar, of an unknown name, was released by Paracelsus to procure things for his master.  Gold coins, magical relics, manuscripts, even different types of energies and powers were among the things that Paracelsus’ familiar would deliver to him.  

We are ot entirely sure how the familiar made the jump from Azoth to this piece, but the piece that we have houses Paracelsus’ familiar.  It will go in spirit form when you release it.  You reserve the right to give the spirit a name since we don’t know the original.  When using this piece you will call upon the familiar by the name chosen.  

When calling out the familiar you will be able to send the familiar forth to procure different magical abilities for you.  It will also procure wealth for you , if you wat it.  It will protect you during times of danger and it can facilitate communication with the dead.  

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