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The Teller

The Teller

SKU: 672114


She's been here.  She's been there.  She may have even been inside of your head.  We don't know her origins or where she comes from.  She literally just exists.  She is a spiritual entity and if you bond with her right she will appear to you in full spiritual form.  

They call her the Teller and that is because she will tell you anything you want to know.  It doesn't matter if it something about the universe, if it is a particular type of magic, or somebody elses deepest, darkest secret.  This entity has no qualms about entering the minds of others and telling you everythihg they never wanted anyone to know.  This includes nasty, cheating S.I,s and exes and old best friends who have nothing betteri to do than talk crap about you.
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