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The Temple of All Time

The Temple of All Time

SKU: 2282212


This piece defies time and existence. It also allows you to live outside of it, if only for the time that you are actually using the piece. This is another piece that we purchased from the underground auction. It sheds light on the existence of a deity that we had nearly forgotten all about.

The deity's name is Heh. He was a member of the Ogdoad of ancient Hermopolis. The Ogdoad is a group of 8 primordial deities that control time, fate, destiny, and the like. Heh's specific role as part of the Ogdoad is to control Eternity. This means that he is in charge of time. Not to bring it up again, but time is only a human construct, which is why he is called the god of Eternity and Infinity and not the god of time.

When using this piece you will travel astrally to a place called the Pyramid of All Time. There is a place within this pyramid called the Chamber of Heh. You will automatically be sent to his chamber because this piece corresponds to his presence. Once in the chamber, you will have the ability to see where all time meets.

What I mean by this is you will be able to exist outside of time and reality to see how all realities mesh together on the axis of life. You will then get to visit whatever time and place you want to visit. You will communicate this to Heh. He will facilitate your travel. You will be led down a corridor. As you make your way down the corridor you will notice that your surroundings begin to fade. They are replaced with the surroundings of the time and place you chose to visit.

As a side note, this piece will store energies and magic that you find while out upon your astral escapades. This is a cool piece because it will allow you to travel anywhere you want to travel while also allowing you to acquire the energies, power, and magic of those places.

This piece is sterling silver with turquoise and abalone.

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