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The Theater of Mystery and Miracle-- Marionette 1

The Theater of Mystery and Miracle-- Marionette 1

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Dee Dee.


    This piece is sure to draw the interest of everyone involved, but more specifically it might appeal to those of you who are into theater.  This isn't going to give you theatrical abilities.  We have pieces for that.  This is not one of them.  This piece is far more powerful and, in the grand scheme of magic, it is far more important.  

    To fully understand exactly what we have here, I should really give you a quick history lesson.  Theater, in its most basic form, can be traced back to the times of Norman Conquest.  They were very animated people and needed something to do with their time, so they invented reenactments.  That's a very short version of what happened, but it's accurate.  

    The theater evolved and eventually, it was even used for teaching people everyday lessons.  During the Middle Ages, the establishment of several different types of plays was created, each serving a different purpose.  There were mystery plays, which re-enacted parts of the Bible.  There were miracle plays, which re-enacted the lives of saints and other holy men.  There were morality plays, designed to teach people how they should be living their lives.  

    Sometimes the sets were elaborate, sometimes they weren't.  SOmetimes mystery plays would begin in one scene and stretch across four or five scenes that were located throughout the town, each one telling a part of the story.  We aren't so much interested in that or the technicality of the play's message.  What we are more interested in is the fact that these plays were, like all things, eventually adapted to serve a magical purpose.  

    The desire to actually recreate the scenes from the Bible, as to summon their magical powers and presence was soon undertaken by a group of secret French magicians.  We aren't really sure what city or town the origins of this theater began, but we can tell you that it eventually enveloped the totality of France.  Aristocrats and socialites alike would frequent these events that were held completely in secret.  Even kings such as Louis IX, Philip II, and Hugh Capet are reported as having attended these secret theater gatherings that were called Le Theatre de Mystere et de Miracle.  

    The gatherings mostly consisted of underground magicians and sorcerers, most of them associated with secret mystery clubs of the time, who strove to acquire the magic and presence of the divine.  While these theaters were powerful enough from the start, they became even more powerful upon the arrival of an entity that was only ever known as Le Trompettiste, or the Trumpeter.  

    Nobody knows who the Trumpeter was.  He was a man that showed up out of, quite literally, nowhere one day.  He spoke with a voice of authority and brought organization and great power to the Theater of Mystery and Miracle.  He brought with him the knowledge that was nearly impossible to have.  When he spoke of things that happened in the past he spoke as though he had been there and lived through it.  He was captivating and when he spoke people listened. 

    Above all else, he could bring the theater to life.  When I say he brought the theater to life, I mean he quite literally brought it to life.  At the beginning of his production, he'd be standing solo on a podium, almost as if it was a one-man show.  He'd begin his monologue with conviction and as he told his story, he'd call upon people from the audience to join him on the stage. 

    One by one, he'd offer the players he called upon these masks, called masques du devenir.  This can best be summed up in English by calling them "masks of becoming."  As he carried on, these people would place the masks over their faces and take their spot on the stage.  The presence of whomever the Trumpeter was talking about would fill the body of those he selected.

    The masks of becoming were often simply plain, ugly masks.  They barely looked humanoid, but when they were placed on the face of those he called upon, they'd take the full form of whomever he said they were.  For instance, if he was talking about Moses speaking to a burning bush, he would call upon someone in the crow.  They'd approach the stage and place the mask on their face.  The mask would call upon the presence of Moses who would fill the body of the person that was called upon. 

    The person then became Moses in the flesh.  He did this often with many of the people from the Bible.  He called upon Moses and Pharaoh.  He called upon Noah.  He called upon Jonah.  He called upon John the Baptiste, the 12 Apostles, Pontius Pilate, Mary Magdalene, the Blessed Virgin, Joseph, and even Jesus himself.  

    The reality of those who sat in attendance of the performance would change.  They would no longer be in the theater, but they would that time and existence warped around them.  If the Trumpeter spoke about ancient Jerusalem, that's where they were taken.  If the Trumpeter talked about Sodom and Gomorrah that's where they were taken.  

    Until the Trumpeter was done with his story, everybody was at his mercy.  They'd go where he wanted them to go, they'd experience what he professed.  Most of the players came back, took off their masks, and returned to their daily lives.  Some even came back to more performances.  Some were scared out of their wits and never returned.  Others never even returned from the performance.  They'd remain where the Trumpeter took them, never to be seen or heard from again.  

    The thing is that the Trumpeter, even though the Theater of Mystery and Miracle was established upon a foundation of religious principles, didn't only tell stories pertaining to religion.  The Trumpeter told all types of stories.  Sure he took his audience and players to the End Times.  He allowed them to experience what John spoke about in Revelations as if they were actually there.  He let them experience the opening of the Heavens, the sounding of the Trumpets, the opening of the Seals, and the invasion of darkness upon the Earth.  

    However, he also allowed them to see other things.   He told them about ancient Egypt.  He told them about the Mayan Civilization.  He told them about the Sumerians and the Annunaki.  He showed the Ayers Rock, the ancient magicians of the Orient, and very many places.  All the while, those he called from the audience would become the people he told them about.  It was a living, breathing theater that he trumpeted into existence.  It brought the people in attendance the power and magic they craved.  It brought them knowlege, energy, metamorphosis, mutation, evolution, advancement, great enlightenment.  

    We aren't sure what happened to the Trumpeter.  According to what we were able to find in journals and secret recordings, he just kind of vanished.  The people woke up one and he was no longer there.  He just disappeared in the night, the same way that he came to them.  While they never were able to replicate the theater as the Trumpeter had created it, he did leave behind his masks... the masks of becoming.  This allowed the members of the Theater of Mystery and Miracle to become the people or entities they wanted to become.  It allowed them to directly experience the powers and presence of very magical and powerful beings over the course of years.  

    The masks that were left behind by the Trumpeter evolved in presence.  The powers were taken from the masks and placed into very large marionettes.  These Marionettes were used in place of people in the crown, simply because as the years crept forward the crowd that was invited dwindled.  Eventually, the Theatre of Mystery and Miracle became exclusive.  It was by invitation only.  It was always exclusive, but the number that was invited to participate eventually became fewer and fewer.  

    The Marionettes were empowered with the magic from the masques du devenir.  As such, the marionettes would take various forms of people whose stories were told by those facilitating the theater.  The bodies of the puppets would transform to become the people that were spoken about.  These people would then live, in real-time, in front of the audience.  They'd dole out ample power, such as was done when the Trumpeter was in town.  

    The theater has remained alive and private.  People from the royal family, dignitaries from around the world, socialites, and very magically powerful people have been invited to view the productions.  The heads that we have are the heads of some of the marionettes that I told you about.  At one time they belonged to the Theater that I've told you about.  Currently, they belong to us.  

    They are ugly little heads, but they are also excessively powerful.  These heads can become the presence of any person, entity, presence, or deity that you want them to become.  The head may or may not transform to match the identity of whomever you called forth.  During testing, the head changed for some of our testers and not others.  That doesn't diminish the power of the heads in any way shape or fashion.  The head can become whatever you want the head to become.  However, there is more.  

    You will be able to speak with the head.  The head will speak to you with the same authority as the Trumpeter spoke to the theater-goers.  If you sit with your head on your lap, it will allow you to experience whatever you want to experience.  It will allow you to change your surroundings.  They will become the surroundings of the places your want to go and the things you want to see.  You will be able to harvest the magical energies thereof and bring them back with you to the mortal realm.  
    You will receive a telepathic connection to the head when you use it.  This will allow you to also communicate with the head.  Whatever presence you chose to place into the head will be who you can communicate with.  For instance, if you chose Aleister Crowley (just an example), you would be able to speak to him telepathically.  YOu could ask him about the pyramids or Aiwass or the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.  

    Personally, when I used this piece I conjured the presence of the Holy Spirit.  I've always wanted to see what existence looked like before creation, not from God's perspective but the perspective of the Holy Spirit.  This head became the Holy Spirit.  My surroundings change and I found myself moving over dark waters, carrying an immense amount of power and energy.  As God called out into the darkness there came a great explosion of life.  The light was created and land.  Out of nothing, something was created.  It was one of the most powerful experiences I've had in my entire life.  

    This piece is seriously powerful.  It will be one of the best investments that you have ever made.  It will help you grow in power.  There is no limit on its use.  You can use it again and again, allowing you to become whoever you want it to become to gain whatever power, ability, or knowledge you want.

    We have two of these heads.  They have come from real marionette dolls that once belonged to the Theater of Mystery and Miracle.  They are antiques and worth quite a bit as they are, without any supernatural powers placed in them at all.  The value of these things skyrockets when you take into consideration all that it can do for you.  Again, we have two of these.  It isn't likely that we will ever get another chance to own another one like this.  So, once they are gone, they are most likely gone for good.  

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