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The Travelers of Adonai and the Meridian of Light

The Travelers of Adonai and the Meridian of Light

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The piece that we are offering is a one of a kind antique.  It is a piece that we were personally involved in acquiring thanks to the fact that we have superb bilocation technology.  When you look at the ring you will notice that the stone is one of the rarest types of stones that you will ever lay your eyes upon.  That's because the stone is not of this world.  The stone looks blue, but when you move it in the light it dances with a gorgeous green hue.  There's no artificial lighting. The band is 10k Gold.

The stone on this piece is not an inanimate object like most of the jewelry we sell.  It is the rarest of rare.  It is an actual living organism of knowledge that comes from a place in the universe called Armantis Solenei.  It holds the powers of something called the Meridian of Light.  This stone has its own cellular structure with a cellular memory that goes back billions upon billions of years.  The thing is that just like we, as humans, have lifecycles, so does the universe.  The Universe has died and has been reborn many different times.  The same goes for the Cosmos.  There is one thing that has not ever been born and will never die.  It's the Meridian of Light.  

The technology that allowed us to be able to acquire this particular piece is called the Archon.  You do not control the Archon, the Archon is a tool that allows whoever uses it to travel to any point in the universe of their desire.  We were presented with this piece by a group that calls themselves the Travelers of Adonai. The Travelers of Adonai are disciples of the one true being who lives among the Meridian of Light who, like the Meridian itself, was never born and will never die.  He is called the Adonai.  Hence, the name Travelers of Adonai.  The Travelers were the original ones who were given the gift of the Archon by the Adonai.  The Archon is a quantum wormhole that leads to both the Meridian of Light and present-day, the place where the Travelers of Adonai live, Armantis Solenei.  

The Travelers of Adonai, by their own description, are immortal beings.  They are descendants of the final Atlanteans on Earth who took refuge in the Nepalese Mountains after the Great Deluge.  They interbred with humans and the result was a race of extremely enlightened humans that weren't quite on the level of the Atlantean Elders but weren't nearly as dulled as the humans.  They were taller, stronger, leaner, and more receptive to magic than the humans could ever hope to be.  That's why they were approached by the Adonai and given access to the Archon and the Meridian of Light.  

The Travelers of Adonai used the magic they found at the Meridian of Light to build an artificial star in the Alpha Centauri star system.  They were able to this because the Archon allows whoever uses it to travel to any place they want.  It can be real or made up.  It can be at any point in time.  They created Armantis Solenei in the minds and brought it into reality with the magic of the Meridian of Light.  

You might be wondering why the Travelers of Adonai created this oasis of existence far from our own star system.  It is because they started using the Archon more and more frequently.  They were able to see way into the future to see how times-- specifically those of the human race-- would transpire.  They did not like how things turned out for us.  They were able to jump to future times, which would be our current times, to see how things would progress for us.  

Unfortunately, they saw little progression and a lot of back-tracing.  Lying, deceit, living in a world where powerful people abuse magic to control others.  We lived in a world of war and pandemics where people suffered, where happiness was scarce, and merely existing was fraught with peril.  Hence, the Travelers of Adonai implemented what they called Project Eden.  

Project Eden was another project undertaken with the powers of the Merdiain of Light.  The First Phase was to develop a new sanctuary for human life-- Armantis Solenei.  The second was to populate the new star with humanoid creatures.  This was done with the Travelers of the Adonai's own DNA and the life-giving magic of the Meridian of Light.  These new humanoids are referred to as BioAlphas and since they exist in a star and not an actual terrain like Earth the BioAlphas are able to create whatever reality they want for themselves.  

The BioAlplhas exist on Armantis Solenei where the Travelers of Adonai also live, but they exist within Project Ede, as well.  They essentially live within their own Quantum Matrix that they control their minds.  They have control over their thoughts, experiences, feelings, everything.  They can "unplug" from this quantum matrix whenever they want.  They do this frequently for purposes of natural reproduction and other "responsibilities" they have, but they spend most of their time "plugged in."  

Remember the source of all this creation that was done by the Traveler's of Adonai comes from the Meridian of Light.  Here's a secret. All that has been created and all that will ever be created has come from a thought.  Anything can be created and come into existence, it simply has to be thought of first.  Of course, you need a driving life force like the Meridian of Light and its neverending ability to magically create.  Adonai is the one who lives in the Meridian of Light.  He is known as the Prophet of Light.  Some refer to him as God or various other divine names, but it all boils down to the same thing.  Adonai lives among the Meridian of Light.  He knows its secrets.  He knows its wisdom.  He has the ability to doll them out and he does so to those that are deserving.  

This stone is a living organism.  it was created by Adonai to give the gift of life.  The gift of life is the knowledge of and a connection to the Meridian of Light.  When you wear this piece the Meridian of Light will wash over you.  You will be able to see the countless lifecycles of the universe.  All knowledge will become your own.  You will be able to use this piece to build and created, just like the Travelers of Adonia did.  You can create your own type of magic or anything that you want.  All you have to do for something to exist is think of it.  You will of course do this through meditation, only meditation isn't merely meditation.  Not with this piece.  Meditation will instead be a direct connection to the Meridian of Light.  You will exist within the Meridian of Light and you will become like Adonai has become-- stripped naked of anything but your bare, white light essence, able to connect with the powers of the Meridian and able to direct them to where you want them to go.  Any kind of magical power is possible with this piece.  

Become immortal, undergo transformation, create a new universe, create a new destiny with in the current universe, create a new star system, or a new system of magic, or a new type of biological prototype.  Create new worlds.  Create your own Heaven.  Travel to the Heaven that already exists and sit upon the throne of God.  See through the Eye of Horus.  Revive the lands of Ancient Atlantis.  Raise the Sunken continent of Lemuria.  Open Stargates.  Control all the powers of the Zodiac.  Create your own divine prototypes, gods, and goddesses.  Birth already known entities with unlimited power.  

Visit alien realms.  If you need more instructions on how to use any if these payments, please em the powers of the Antikythera Mechanisms.  Surpass the knowledge of the Emerald Tablets of Thoth.  Go on spirit journeys with the Native Americas.  Unlock the knowledge of the Mayan Serpents.  Any and all magic you could possibly want will be at your fingertips when you are using this piece.  

The magic and power of this piece are on the same level as pieces such as the Bishop's Ring or the Judas Blood Bottle.
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