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The Traveling Snow Queen and Her Companion

The Traveling Snow Queen and Her Companion

SKU: 1262101

This piece is epic. Pictured are the Snow Queen and Her Companion.  They're real names will be revealed to you when you make a connection to them.    When you order this listing you are actually receiving two pendants and a chain.  Both pendants are to be worn together.   One is glass heart and the other is pictured.  The metal is sterling silver.  The  holds the presence of an entity that we call the snow queen.  The other holds the presence of her male companion.  The reason we call them that is because they were born in what is now known as Russia in ancient times.  

As the rest of the world was being contacted by the Annunaki, the snow queen was in contact with her own race of aliens.  I don't really like the way aliens sounds, but I said it so that way you know that they weren't from Earth.  What they actually were was a race of highly advanced, spiritually awaken, evolved, dimensional travelers.  They were highly sophisticated and they granted the snow queen their powers.  Later on the Snow Queen granted them to her lover.  

In unison, they quickly became a pair of the most powerful mortals to ever walk the Earth.  The travelers that visited them gave them the ability to live in extremely cold climates.  The reason for this is that the magic that they gave them is activated by cold temperatures.  Cold temperatures radiate a different frequency of energy.  Most things on Earth freeze before they can access that energy.  However, the Snow Queen has been given a transformation that allows her to exist in these frigid conditions in order to be able to receive these frequencies and manifest their powers.  

She has been given the ability to walk between realms and she and her king visit them very frequently.  From  Ancient Atlantis to the Lost Land of Lemuria, to Egypt during the Old Kingdom, etc., the Snow Queen has the ability to travel wherever she wants.  She is not limited to Earthly place, either.  She can freely walk through the membranes of spatial existence into adjacent realities and spheres of existence.  They all orbit around each other like planets in a solar system.  She has the ability to not only see into these realms but also to travel into them in order to gain their wisdom and knowledge.  

Her companion is also very powerful, as he received his own transformation from her.  The Snow Queen knew she had been made eternal by her extraterrestrial visitors and she didn't want to spend eternity alone.  She found her suitor after falling madly in love with him.  She gave empowered him with the same transformation that she received.  He is a  tall, handsome man.  He travels with his queen where he helps her hunt in parallel dimensions for magic that will grow between the two of them.  The two of them together allow the magic to bounce off of eachother, like two electric conduits.  They can take any power they come across and amplify them hundreds and thousands of times.  

Now, you may be wondering what powers you will be getting and that is simple.  You wll receive the snow queen and her companion as your guides.  They will help you navigate the unknown and will open doors of alter-existence to you.  In doing so, you will also be able to travel to these places to receive magic and energies that you can turn into your own magical abilities.  You will receive sub-zero frequencies and cosmic vibrations that are impossible to receive as a normal human.  These will open parts of the mind that will reveal hidden parts of the universe that have not been revealed before.  This will allow you to exist in a heightened and illuminated state of existence to receive messages and magic from the universe.  

Also, by having this piece, it will amplify the powers and magic that you already have.  It can amplify the powers of an item that you have.  It can amplify magic and abilities that live within you.  Just like in real life, these two pendants will act as conduits that will bounce your magic back and forth increasing its powerfulness, potency, and effectiveness.  All Hail the Snow Queen.
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