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The Undead Pharaohs and the Walking Earth Isis

The Undead Pharaohs and the Walking Earth Isis

SKU: 7262109

This is a beautiful sterling silver ring with an authentic goldstone center.  The piece is a pin and a pendant. 

They dress up in their finest robes of red and purple satin.  Upon their faces are golden masks that depict animals of various kids.  There is one person in attendance at the party whose face isn’t covered.  This is the sacrifice.  In order to keep their magic going, there needs to be a blood sacrifice.  The sacrifice is chosen through some sort of ancient numbers game.  It’s always a member of their own ranks and everyone who is a part of the group knows that they are always in jeopardy of becoming the next sacrifice.  It’s just how things are down.  

An Illuminated sphere slowly rises until it is dangling near the top of the vaulted ceilings of their chamber.  The game is on.  The people “‘become” the animals that their masks depict and the lone human becomes the prey.  They “hunt” the lone human down and kill it, collecting it’s blood in a chalice. The blood is then sipped by every person in the chamber during a mass blood communion.  During the blood communion each person who has taken the blood of the hunted is joined with the circle of the divine.

Passages from the Scroll of the Dead are read and a statue of Isis appears.  Inside of the mouth of Isis there is an item that the goddess has bestowed upon one among them who is known as the “chosen one”.  It was upon this person that the gift of Isis was bestowed, which is the living presence of Isis.  The piece we have is one of the original gifts of Isis to the member of the cult that we described above.  They call themselves the Undead Pharaoh's Club, because they are all given immortality unless and until they choose to die.  

The first thing that this piece will do for you is establish a direct connection between you and Isis.  Once this takes place, you will receive immortality if you choose to receive it.  You will be given the presence of Isis on Earth.  You will become, in effect, “Earth Isis.” In doing so, you will be able to perform all of the magic that Isis does.  You will create your own magic.  You will be able to grant magic to people who want it.  You can change destiny if you so desire.  Literally, there is nothing tha you will not be capable of because you are the walking Earth Isis.
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