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The Vatican's Miracle Well

The Vatican's Miracle Well

SKU: 22521078


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This "piece" is a set and you get both pieces.  One piece is a bracelet.  One is a necklace with a gorgeous cross!   This piece is very powerful.  Read on to learn more about this piece!

Buried beneath Vatican city is a network of tunnels.  These tunnels lead to different archives where the Catholic church has hidden secret oases of white light magic powers.  One of these archives holds a well that was dug with the same tools that Isaac used to dig his five well.  The well has filled with life-giving holy water.  Although the existence of the well has been kept secret from society at large, the water of this well, along with artifacts that have been bathed in this holy water, circulate the world.  

This is a set, both of which have been washed with the water of the Vatican Well.  The result is astounding.  There can do many things for you.  For instance, it allows you to summon angels.  It will bring you divine visions.  It will drive out demons and send them back to the pits of Hell.  However, the most noteworthy ability this piece has is its ability to create miracles for the person that is wearing this set.  All you have to do when wearing the set is meditate with it.  

You will think of the miracle you would like created in your mind while you meditate.  At this point the miracle will be created for you, the question is simply when.  Some miracles take longer than others to come to fruition, but this piece will bring you what you've asked for.  

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