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The Virgin Queen's Blood Relic

The Virgin Queen's Blood Relic

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    Let’s just begin by saying that this piece is old.  I would call it an antique, but I don’t think that word really serves it the right amount of justice.  This piece is from the 1500s.  That’s how old it is.  It is made with 12k gold and is hand-painted.  It even has traces of human blood that were mixed with the paint when this piece was created.  When it comes to power, it doesn’t really get more powerful than this piece.  This piece is rooted in the occult and involves many key players that allowed it to become as powerful as it was.


    Ultimately, this piece is about the Virgin Queen.  The Virgin Queen was Queen Elizabeth the I.  She is a member of the Tudor Dynasty and goes by many names including Good Queen Bess, the Faerie Queen, Gloriana, and Elizabeth I.  She was a queen that was first and foremost dedicated to her country and remained single and childless until death earning her the nickname the Virgin Queen.  


    As interested as she was in preserving her kingdom’s power, she was also obsessed with magic and the occult.  Her court included a court magician, who you have all heard of before.  His name was John Dee.  She also had personal interactions with Nostradamus, the great French prophet.  There will be more on that later.  To really understand, we have to start at the beginning, where the power of this piece really originates, through a prophetess that was known as La Beata de Piedrahita-- “the Holy Woman of Piedrahita.”  


    La Beata, born Maria de Santo Domingo first joined the Dominican Order in 1485  She was just a teenager at the time.  However, it didn’t take long for the young woman to realize that she was born with a gift from God.  It was the gift of Illumination.  Moreover, she became renowned as a mystic and prophetess that could speak directly with the Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ.  She also was able to see with the All-Seeing Eye of God and stir up the Holy Spirit.  She used her powers to bring prophecy, miracles, and healing. 


    Maria was invited to be part of King Ferdinand of Aragon’s court, where he ruled jointly with his wife, Queen Isabella.  Maria showed the king her many forms of magic and made both him and his queen believers in what she was able to do.  In a secret chamber that was built specifically for Maria she would channel the presence of Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and a multitude of saints.  These spirits would grant the king and his allies a vast network of holy, white light magic.  This magic bestowed powerful abilities upon them, despite the fact that the Inquisition had become a raging, murderous machine that killed people who proclaimed to do the exact same thing Maria did for them.  


    Meanwhile, the Dominican Order sought counsel from Pope Julius II as to whether or not Maria should be tried as a heretic.  A series of trials convened on the authenticity of Maria’s gift under the auspices of the Inquisition.  Ultimately, she would go on to be found innocent, mostly because she had gained favor with Ferdinand and Isabella, and other top political leaders of the time.  Also, her gifts were very real.  Maria went on to become the matriarch of a group of mystics called the Alumbras, which falls under the umbrella of the Illuminati. 


    However, before she departed she gifted Ferdinand something that would grant him great power.  It was a relic that was made from the bone of Jesus Christ.


    In the absence of Maria, this relic would go on to serve as Ferdinand’s main source of mystic and white light magic.  It was eventually passed down from Ferdinand to his son Philip who became the King of Portugal from the House of Habsburg.  King Philip would later go on to become the King of Spain and Portugal and for five years he was the King of England by means of his wife Mary I of the house of Tudor.  Essentially, Philip would use the magical heirloom relic that was gifted to him by his father to ensure his success.  He was by far the most powerful king to have ever ruled in Spain.  


    Meanwhile, in England, Henry VIII of the House of Tudor was in power from 1509 until his death in 1547.  In 1530, Henry found himself in the middle of a debaucherous affair with Anne Boleyn and appealed to Pope Clement VII to grant him a divorce. The Pope wasn't about that life and this spawned the reformation of England and it’s breakaway from the Catholic Church. 


    The reason I’m telling you this is because this piece depicts Elizabeth I who was born to Anne Boleyn.  However, the succession of power didn’t go so smoothly.  Upon Henry’s death, there was a secret power struggle between Elizabeth and Henry’s daughter from his previous marriage to Catherine of Aragon.  You may have heard of her.  She is Mary I, aka Bloody Mary.  She ruled for five years, until 1558 when Elizabeth had the court astrologers that served her father Henry cast spells upon her that eventually led to her untimely death.  That is how Philip was able to temporarily claim regency in England and Ireland. The importance of all this follows.      


    Mary Tudor was an ardent Catholic and earned her nickname bloody mary because of the thousands of protestants she had murdered on her watch.  She wanted to turn England and Ireland back over to the Catholic Church.  This was heavily influenced by the fact that she was married to Philip of Spain, who you remember was the son of Ferdinand who was given the holy relic by Maria de Santo Domingo.  They and Philip after them were the sworn protectors of Catholicism.  Philip divulged the secrets of his rule to Mary Tudor, even allowing her to return to England with the magic that was bestowed to him by his father in the form of the bone relic.    


    By that point, it was already too late.  Elizabeth had played nice for too long.  She secretly had her half-sister hexed and Mary died in London in 1558.  Elizabeth rose to power, succeeding Mary after her death.  This thwarted Philip’s (of Spain) conquest for control of England and Ireland as his only legitimacy to those thrones was the fact that he was married to Mary Tudor who was now dead.  Furthermore, he had relinquished control of Maria Santo Domingo’s divine relic to his wife and had no clue where it was to be found as it was lost upon her death. Secretly, he petitioned Elizabeth to find and return the relic that was given to him by his father.  Given the fact that Elizabeth was protestant and Philip was a Catholic, they already didn’t see eye-to-eye.  Elizabeth’s answer to King Philip was pretty much, “finders, keepers.”  As you can imagine, this enraged the king. 


    You must understand that by this point, mysticism, occult, and other forms of magic were thriving due to the height of the Renaissance.  Secret societies existed everywhere and much like her father, Good Queen Bess was no stranger to court magicians, astrologers, and the like.  One of her first acts as queen was to find and pursue John Dee as her court magician.  She also had interactions with Nostradamus.  In fact, it was Nostradamus who helped the queen locate the relic that was left behind by Mary Tudor. 


    Through her connections, Elizabeth Tudor grew.  She grew not only in political power but also grew in metaphysical power.  And so the queen’s gambit of having her sister assassinated paid off.  It’s not that she felt particularly proud of what she had done.  She was a good person.  If it were up to Mary, there would be no Protestants left.  Without the support of the protestant’s Elizabeth had no footing.  Without the death of her sister, she had no claim to the throne.  She did what she had to do and that was that.  For that reason, and the fact that she witnessed lives ruined by her father’s sex-crazed reign, she determined she would not take a husband and she would not bear children.  Instead, she committed her life to two things-- the development of deep-rooted powerful magic and the betterment of England and Ireland.           


    As I told you before, she grew in metaphysical power.  After helping her find the relic that was left behind by Mary, Nostradamus entrusted Elizabeth with the ability to receive divine messages.   These messages came not only from God but from the universe itself, which is part of God’s divine mechanism.  In fact, it was actually because of this gift that Bess was able to find the relic.  The location of the relic was revealed to her by Gabriel, the celestial messenger angel of God.  Nostradamus imparted the ability to be able to read the signs in the planetary systems, the stars, the zodiac, the planets, and how they all interacted with each other.  This allowed her to open a door to which Gabriel appeared to her and showed her the location of the bone relic. 


    He took Elizabeth by the hand and walked through the universe with her, showing her the messages that have been written by the hand of God.  They are everywhere, you know.  All anyone needs in order to see the writing is a connection to the divine.  He opened doors for the queen to walk through, to elevate her existence, and to receive the ability to read the messages of the universe, of God’s massive time machine, not only in our own solar system but throughout the many solar systems designed and created by God.


    This allowed her to communicate with other-worldly beings as she had with Gabriel in finding the Jesus Bone Relic.  Through communications with these beings, she received prophecies of magic from the past including ancient Egyptian, Sumerian, Babylonian, and even Atlantean magic.    


    Her visit with Gabriel spawned a massive interest in communication with angelic beings.  She may have been a mystic, but she was a lover of God at heart.  This is where John Dee earned his respect and fame, along with his protege Edward Kelley.  Up until this point, the one known thing about the Jesus Bone relic was its location.  Bess had no idea how to use it or even what it did.  She knew it existed and that was it. She commissioned John Dee to work with the piece and his work was highly successful to say the least.    


    John Dee was a determined mystic.  Despite what you may have heard about him, he actually revered God as well and was on a path of righteousness to reveal God’s true wisdom to the masses.  His sole purpose for white light magic was the betterment of humankind.  For years he fought through magic and practices that he referred to as “vulgar scholar” only to be set back with false information and hope.  His encounter with the Jesus Bone Relic is what allowed him to have his visit with angels.  From 1583 to 1587 John Dee recorded his visits with angels, the knowledge they gave to him, and how it could be used.  The language was actually never called Enochian by John Dee, rather he called it the First Language of God-Christ because it was the language used to create existence and the universe.  It later became known as Enochian due to the fact that the patriarch Enoch was the last known human to possess its knowledge. 


    With the knowledge of Enochian came enduring knowledge of the ages.  This was the knowledge of sacred numerology.  It was the knowledge of the divine alphabet.  It was knowledge of sacred geometry.  It was the ability to speak the authoritative language of God, to call forth any spirit in the universe.  It was the ability to speak with the authority of God to change reality and to bend his divine will.  It is the ability to merge one’s existence with the existence of the divine to manifest an earthly-divine body through which you can tap into the powers of God-Christ.  


    I’m not going to get into the particulars of it all, but while John Dee was on Elizabeth’s court, he would also visit the estate of Stephen Bathory in Krakow.  This led to the revelations of blood alchemy magic that was provided to Stephen from his heinous, blood-thirsty sister Elizabeth Bathory.  While components of this blood magic do reveal the essence of the sanguine vampire and its full power capacity, more importantly, it was used in conjunction with the Enochian secrets that were delivered to John Dee by angels to activate the Christ Bone Relic.  However, just because I know somebody is going to ask… yes the piece we are offering will allow you to experience the full-fledged power of a sanguine vampire.  This knowledge is given to the user through the knowledge of sanguine blood-alchemy that was given to Stephen by his sister Elizabeth Bathory.  It was then given to John Dee who combined this blood knowledge with Enochian knowledge.  You know what happened after that.  


    Back in England, Elizabeth was a single queen.  Being a single queen meant that many men sought to be her suitor.  One such Tudor suitor was Hercule Francois, styled Francis, Duke of Anjou.  He was the brother of King Francis II of France, the fourth son of King Henry II of France, and Catherine De Medici, who was born in Florence, Italy to Lorenzo de Medici.  Lorenzo was the son of Cosimo De Medici, who you all know was the progenitor of the first banking system.  He held incredible wealth magic.  He also had direct connections to the Illuminati and their 13 Bloodlines.  His son Lorenzo was huge into the arts and palled around with people like Boticelli and Leonard Da Vinci.  If you didn’t know, Leonard Da Vinci hid secret symbols in his works.  You can research all of his famous artwork, but it’s interesting to note that he was specifically commissioned to design the Medici tombs.  Immortality, perhaps?  That’s probably not a coincidence at all.  In fact, I know it’s not.         


    Lorenzo had a custom piece of work done by Da Vinci that he bequeathed to his daughter Catherine Medici.  Catherine handed it down to her son who became Francis, Duke of Anjou.  In his attempt to woo Elizabeth the Great, he provided her with the painting that was prepared for Lorenzo Medici by Leonardo Da Vinci.  There is a reason that this piece was prepared in 12k gold.  That reason is because among the many other things that it will do for you, it summons forth the 12 Members of the Holy Council of Heaven.  Each of the 12 holds 6 of the 72 Names of God.  The 72 Names of God are the 72 Holy Secrets and Divine Powers of God.  They are his most powerful forms of magic and have been hidden in the Ark of the Covenant, as well as the Hall of Eternity that is guarded by the Great White Beasts of the Upper Echelon in Heaven.  There is no way to acquire these names and gifts of power unless they are intentionally given to you directly by God or through a piece that puts you in connection with God.  This is the knowledge that Da Vinci set into the piece be created for Lorenzo Medici.  


    The painting that was given to Catherine the Great unleashed this magic to her, which worked to complement the magic of the Christ Bone Relic.  It is also interesting to note that one of Lorenzo’s sons became Pope Leo X.  This leads me to believe the Duke of Anjou was a spy sent by the Catholic Church to destroy Elizabeth and the Church of England.  This leads us full circle back to the fact that Philip had lost control of the Christ Bone Relic and Elizabeth I had it.  She was now in control and it showed.  


    In a last-ditch effort to overcome Elizabeth and get his relic back, Philip attacked England with his Spanish Armada.  However, Queen Elizabeth was in control of both the Christ Bone Relic and also the magical relic of Da Vinci that had been given to her by Francis, Duke of Anjou.  It was never even a question of contention.  


    The week before Philip advanced on England, Catherine used this piece to open up the skies to Heaven.  She called upon empires of angels who came rushing forth to her defense.  These angels armored her ships and despite the reinforcements that the Spaniards had been given by the Pope (magical ones), the power that Elizabeth I had compounded just couldn’t be overtaken.  She sent fire ships into the Armada that were ablaze with the Holy Fire of God.  The angels allowed her to control the weather and wind that pushed the Armada back to Lisbon in defeat.


    In celebration of her victory, this piece was made.  Again, it’s done in 12k gold.  It is a portrait of the queen, Catherine I of the House of Tudor.  It is hand-painted and contains some of the queen’s blood. The reason it was created with her blood is simple.  She wanted a piece that held all of the power that she had been given in one spot.  She created one of the most powerful pieces that have been seen in history by way of a blood ritual that has sealed all of her power into this piece.  Let me be very clear.  This piece is not a replication.  This piece is original.  It’s one-of-a-kind.  It can never be replicated.  It is extremely powerful and extremely valuable and that is reflected in the price.


    This piece has been passed down along the English Monarchy for generations. I'm not at liberty to tell you where we got this piece or how they lost it.  However, it has allowed them to grow in power.  The UK won’t openly admit it, but they are the world’s superpower thanks to this piece.  They control the Commonwealth, which includes but is not limited to Canada, the UK, Australia, India, Pakistan, Kenya, New Zealand, Uganda, South Africa, Guyana, and Jamaica.  Although it will never ever be discussed, the United States of America is secretly part of that Commonwealth also.  We are a nation founded by English Freemasons, descendants of the original secret societies that flourished in Europe.     


    I know this has been a lot of information, so I’m going to recap for you.  This piece holds the powers of Elizabeth I.  These are the powers of the Christ Bone Relic as mentioned above, the powers of the Enochian language, the powers of Blood Alchemy and Sanguine Vampirism, the powers of the 12 Holy Council Members of Heaven, the 72 Names of God, etc. 


    This piece and all that it will do for you is extraordinary.  This piece will allow you to speak with Jesus and Mary.  It will allow you to assimilate with God and see through his All-Seeing Eye of Power and Knowledge.  It will allow you to use that knowledge to acquire magic.  It allows you to change the course of destinies.  It will allow you to control empires of angels or to call upon any spirit that you want.  It will reveal Enochian magic to you, including sacred geometry, sacred numerology, and the sacred alphabet.  It will reveal the bloodlines of the Original 13 clans of the Illuminati and their immortal presence and magic.  It will bring you the magic of the Alumbras, which is the spiritual and divine magic of Heaven.  It brings you the knowledge and prophetic wisdom of Nostradamus and his ability to walk among the universe and behold what has been written by God.  It brings you the power of the Christ Consciousness.  It allows you to manifest divinity in your human form and to become a master over all white light magic.  It will allow you to embrace the powers of sanguinity as revealed by Elizabeth Bathory.  You will gain psychic powers, cosmic resonance, you will manifest the abundance of Medici, including his wealth.  This piece is all-inclusive.  It has even been known to grant immortality to people.  It will allow you to manifest ancient sources of magic like Elizabeth I did, such as Egyptian, Babylonian, Atlantean, and Sumerian magic.  There’s just so much that this piece will do for you that you will not find another piece like it.  Period.   


    Just to wrap up a few loose ends, the Christ Bone Relic has somehow fallen back into the clutches of the Catholic Church.  It is currently being reserved by the Black Pope to give to the Antichrist so he can perform miracles to deceive the masses.  What a nice guy, right?  The Da Vinci relic-painting has been acquired by a top-secret mission that was undertaken by the Priory of Scion.  They have it hidden and it is well-cared for.  As for the Virgin Queen’s Relic-- that is what we are offering.  You’d be foolish to pass it up.  We cannot keep it, because part of us acquiring this piece involved taking a blood-oath of eternity that we wouldn’t keep it for ourselves.  Instead, we must find a suitable owner.   

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