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The Wandering Wizard of Wen

The Wandering Wizard of Wen

SKU: 5262102


We call this piece the Wandering Wizard of Wen.  For those of you who precariously comb through others' work for mistakes.  That's not a typo.  We actually mean Wen.  It is a place.  Well, it is a realm that exists adjacent to ours.  You can kind of think of it as Wakanda, because everything there has a very ancient feel, but it is also super technologically advanced.  This is kind of how the Egyptians existed and the Sumerians before them.  They were very advanced civilizations it just looked very different.  In Wen, everybody has a deep-rooted connection to their planet.  This is where their magic and power originate from.  

The Wandering Wizard of Wen is just that.  He is a Wizard the crossed the threshold into our mortal existence.  He did this many, many years ago.  I want you all to remember when I've told you that we have pieces that allow you to experience entire lifetimes in what would amount to second in reality.  That is the same thing that is going on with the Wandering Wizard of Wen.  Right now, he is here to experience human existence and human life.  He is sharing advanced knowledge and advanced magic.  He will experience all of this in full and it will take him thousands of years to do so, but when he wakes up on the other side it will be as if he has only blinked his eye.  

The Wandering Wizard brings with him an arsenal of extremely powerful magic.  He carries the magic around with him on these ultra-advanced tablets.  They are stored within his body and when he wants to see them he simply claps his hands together in a certain rhythm and the tablet beam out of his hands like a holographic image.  The writing is archaic, but we honestly have no clue what any of it means.  Yes, we've seen it.  No, not everyone will see who uses this piece.  What this piece does guarantee is a psychic and spiritual connection to the wizard.  This piece was created out of either ivory or bone-- we aren't sure which-- and that was done because it had to be organic material to hold the wizards' presence.  The bone has been carved to resemble what the wizard actually looks like in his human form.  

When you won this piece you, of course, gain a connection with the wizard.  This much you've been told.  However, you will also gain the magic of his holographic, corporeal tablets.  This will give you access to dozens of foreign types of magic.  It does include a lot of the magic that is already present on Earth, but it includes so many different types and different levels of magic.  I can't really put this magic into words.  It is more like a connection to the universe that allows you to manifest the magic that you want to create and/or the power forms that are already available for you to work with.  we just don't have names because they are so advanced!
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