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The Wardenclyffe Tower

The Wardenclyffe Tower

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Pics coming in a few minutes!

The Wardenclyff Tower.

Many of you may recognize the name. This is a Nicola Tesla piece. It is truly a tower inside and out. This is made of all real crystals and I believe sterling. This piece with no power is worth a few hundred dollars.

This is one of the technologies that Tesla got from one alien breed called the Chronosapiens. These aliens are friendly and exist outside of any kind of timeline. They are able to adapt to anything and look any kind of way. When coming to places like Earth they look like us. My friend Michael Anderson and I were in Delaware at a pizza shop and he said to me “ Dee Dee that guy doesn’t have a soul, I don’t think he is human”. He was right because I couldn’t feel anything and he knew we knew. Michael said he saw his eyes change but we never felt anything bad, just a void.

Later on I realized after coming into contact with another one on UFO road as we call it, they place all emotions other places when traveling. This is because they can see in the past and present and have strong emotions about death and war. It was the Chronosapiens that gave Tesla the death ray as well but not to be used until WW3. I don’t know if it will ever be used but I have a feeling we will soon find out.

Technology such as this was stolen by the government when Tesla died. This piece you are looking at is a real Wardenclyffe Tower a truly powerful piece that WILL be felt when you hold it. If you don’t feel this piece you might as well give it up. I tested this in the psychically dead! This is a pure energy transmission piece. Inside of it are crystal coils and etchings made to be a frequency that everyone can communicate with. This piece can communicate with anything, any type of spirit or being on any level or dimension. These various species and spirits can move through time, space, dimensions and even areas where time doesn’t exist. These are some of the species I have met. Void Watchers, Quantum Phantom’s and Astral Weavers. They are truly amazing! Void Watchers are Enigmatic beings that patrol the boundaries of the universe, guarding against cosmic threats beyond human comprehension. They are ancient and unknowable, existing outside of time and space. Then we have the Astral Weavers. Interdimensional beings who manipulate threads of energy to shape reality according to their will. They may reside in the gaps between universes, maintaining the fabric of existence through intricate patterns. Last is Quantum Phantoms. Entities that exist in a state of quantum superposition, occupying multiple realities simultaneously. They can phase in and out of existence at will, appearing as flickering shadows or shimmering lights. There is so much you can do with this piece! Talking to the passed on, knowing the future, learning new languages and prime psychic ability. This is not a piece to miss especially sine all the technology he was told by aliens is in this piece.

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