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The Waters of Pyrmi Solea

The Waters of Pyrmi Solea

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The entity in this piece is extremely old. We're talking Atlantean-times old. IF we're being honest, she's more of a hybrid creature. At face value, she is a temptatious and alluring siren. She will appear as your strongest desire and will not take shame in drawing you near so she can suck the soul energy out of you and throw your lifeless carcass to the dogs. I mean, she can't do that anymore, because she has been wrangled in with submission wards, but her history is quite brutal.

Her name is Annerreh, but we call her Annie for short. Her journey began in ancient times when she was born of the life-giving waters beneath a pyramid in Atlantis that was called Pyrmi Solea. The pyramid wasn't on Atlantis proper. It was on an island off mainland Atlantis. Translated into modern English the pyramid's name translates to Pyramid of the Sun.

To give you an idea this pyramid was symbolized sort of like the pyramid on the dollar bill, except the placement of the eye was different. Instead of existing atop the pyramid, it was dead center in the middle of an equilateral triangle. It was symbolic of the fact that Pyrmi Solea was the doorway between the cosmic knowledge of the universe and Atlantis.

I'm telling you this to give you an idea of exactly how powerful Annie is. At the beginning of her journey, she started as an eel-like creature, slithering around in the magical waters beneath Pyrmi Solea. This eel-like creature was a primordial lifeform, like a tadpole that could be grown into anything. The magic from the pyramid waters determined Annie's physical form.

As time passed, and I'm talking hundreds of years, Annie evolved from her lowly primordial lifeform into a humanoid creature. She still swam among the waters beneath the surface, living a life of solitude, but gaining incredible amounts of power and knowledge. She eventually gained enough knowledge to be able to transcend her existence beneath the pyramid, taking full Atlantean form. I say Atlantean form because the Atlantean form isn't quite human form. They were what we would call humanoid, but not quite human.

Here's the thing. Once she was out of her watery existence, she was no longer constantly receiving that cosmic energy. She began craving the energy that was once hers. She discovered that the only way that she could acquire this magic was to take it from another Atlantean being. Using the knowledge that was given to her craft a guise that we consider to be the first siren entity to ever exist.

In her new guise, she was almost chameleon-like. She read the minds of those around her, specifically male Atlanteans. She would take the form of their sexual desires, whatever they may be. She'd call to them in using sensual mind-enveloping and psychokinetic energies. She'd get their juices flowing good and well. Then, she'd mysteriously appear to them.

The only way for her to replicate the cosmic energy was during sexual friction. The energies during sex are extremely high, especially in Atlantean bodies and especially in Annie's body. Here's the thing-- Annie's frequency and vibration were way higher than those around her. As a result, Annie was somewhat of a black widow. She'd literally have sex with a person until she drained them of their energy and lifeforce. Then they'd die and she'd discard their bodies.

Annie made her rounds for many years. She was obviously immortal already and very powerful, but each body that she sucked the life force out of made her incredibly powerful. The power eventually took control of her, like a blood-lusting vampire, and for hundreds of years, she went on a murderous rampage.

Legends of her existence eventually surfaced among the Atlanteans and she was referred to as the dreaded Merposa. She was given the legend of having been trapped away beneath Pyrmi Solea only to rise up to take vengeance upon those who lived on the land. That's not exactly how it happened, but I guess that's the grapevine effect.

Eventually, the Atlantean Elder Council found her and subdued her. They took her Atlantean body from her and cast her back into the shadowy waters of the Pyrmi Solea. She was able to escape her fate, but only in spiritual form. She cast her very soul out of her body and transcended reality into the cosmic realm. Ironically, her lifeless bodily form in the waters of Pyrmia Solea was destroyed during the Great Deluge.

Annie spent thousands of years bouncing around the cosmos, where her needs for direct cosmic energy were fulfilled. She ended up taking up permanent residence in a place called the Cosmic Pyramid. The Cosmic pyramid is really more of a cosmic triangle, where the three different types of knowledge come together-- dark knowledge, light knowledge, and objective knowledge, which is simply just knowledge for the sake of knowledge without anything dark or light. All knowledge forms fall somewhere in that spectrum and from knowledge all magic has been created.

Recently, Annie returned to Earth in her soul form. I"m not entirely sure why, but the descendants of the Elders of Atlantis-- yes, they live on Earth in human form-- recognized her immediately. She returned as a sort of energetic leech, possessing human bodies and sucking their energies out of them that way. I mean, she doesn't have a physical body anymore, so what is a girl to do, right?

Anyway, she was subdued into this piece. We got this piece an underground event. Now, we are offering it to you. This piece holds phenomenal power. It contains so many levels of magic. First, it contains the magic of the waters of Pyrmi Solea, Annerreh's original home. It also contains the magic of the pyramid, which gives you a cosmic gateway portal to the universe, in order to pull through cosmic energies to satisfy Annie's need.

It will also allow you to use this gateway to receive your own cosmic energy and knowledge, which can easily be transformed into magic. It will give you the magic and knowledge of all the Atlanteans whose souls Annie sucked from their bodies. It will give you the magic of the Cosmic Pyramid. This gives you the ability to open the cosmic pyramid and to summon forth any kind of knowledge that you desire.

Again, this knowledge will allow you to know whatever it is you desire to know. It will allow you to transcend your normal existence and to travel among the cosmos in search of whatever it is you want to find.

Of course, having explained all this, you will still gain the magic of the Siren, as well. All this talk of cosmic magic almost makes you forget that she is a Siren. She will allow you to seduce others. It will allow to you control their minds and to get them to behave exactly as you want them to. Your sexual energy and vibrations will top the chart and you will be able to deliver ecstatic orgasms to whoever you invited into your bedroom.

This piece is seriously loaded with magical ability and power. The piece itself is vintage and the real shell used to create the ring has come from the Pyrmi Solea. It might seem newer than that, as in it's vintage to our times, but that is because I had to in order to keep Annie at bay and from attempting to try and steal your soul energies. Instead, she has become complacent and totally subservient. You will be able to use her magic anyway you, please.

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